Mariachi Real de Oro from Mexico wins the Best Mariachi contest

48 groups participated and 1.6 million votes were collected from consumers of the sponsor brand. Five groups arrived at the final: Mariachi Camperos de Zacatecas, Perla de México de Ecatepec, Ángeles de Calimaya de Toluca, Arce de México de Puebla, and Mariachi Real de Oro de Guadalajara.

The search for the Best Mariachi of Mexico, contest by Sal de Uvas Picot, reached its grand finale with the participation of 48 groups and 5 finalists, winning the contest held in Mexico City, Mariachi Real de Oro de Guadalajara, native of Guadalajara Jalisco, after the verdict of the qualifying jury headed by Pedro Fernández.

In order to support the mariachis, Sal de Uvas Picot invited to participate in its call, launched on February 7 of this year, to find the Best Mariachi of Mexico in the framework of its 90th anniversary. This contest was nationwide and had the support of an outstanding team of judges led by the singer and actor Pedro Fernández, Rigoberto Alfaro, composer and author of musical success arrangements such as El Rey or El Ausente; Fernando De Santiago, international representative of Mariachis, and the renowned singer of Mexican music and ranchera Claudia Sierra.

The final participants and awards

During the grand finale and presentation of shows of the elimination round, 5 finalist groups participated: Mariachi Camperos de Zacatecas, Perla de México de Ecatepec, Ángeles de Calimaya de Toluca, Arce de México de Puebla, and the winner Mariachi Real de Oro de Guadalajara.

In recognition of their talent, gallantry, and representation of folklore through their performance, the winning group received from Sal de Uvas Picot support for the recording of 4 unreleased tracks, design and production of a Mariachi show, costumes for all grouping and one year of promotion in the events convened by the brand.

Pedro Fernández commented: "We saw in all the participants a great passion and commitment for the Mariachi, so much so that our skin was enchained, it was a difficult decision, but the Mariachi Oro de México had a great knowledge of the genre, as well as the correct interpretation of the rhythms and great attitude they showed on stage."

Puebla ranked second

The eliminatory was divided into 2 presentations: the first one was chosen to the 3 finalist places and a second one, in which they presented their last bet to be crowned as The Best Mariachi of Mexico.

The legislator Mario Ismael Moreno Gil, secretary of the Commission of Culture and Cinematography of the Chamber of Deputies, was in charge of presenting the verdict of the jury, which awarded the third place to Mariachi Ángeles de Calimaya, who interpreted an unpublished song called "Son de los Arrieros ", the second place went to Puebla with the Mariachi Arce from Mexico with the song" Yo Quiere "and the big winner the Mariachi Real de Oro with the song "Colgando en tus Manos".


In 2011, UNESCO recognized the Mariachi as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, our country cradle of talented Mariachis, wants to continue conserving the tradition of these groups of musicians dedicated to spreading and encouraging our vernacular music.

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