On May 10, the Teatro Real hosts the performance of "Va por México," the new work by Luis Cobos that unites the sound of the symphony orchestra with Mexican popular music, of which he declares himself as much in love as the rest of the audience in the country.

The musical universe of Mexico arrives in Madrid from the hand of one of the most influential and successful Spanish musicians. Luis Cobos will visit the Teatro Real on May 10th for his "Va por México", the last work of the artist.

Luis Cobos is a composer and musician who has brought orchestral music to all audiences in his more than 30 years of career. In this time he has sold some 15 million albums and has directed many of the great orchestras in the world.

Cobos has recognized on several occasions that he is in love with Mexico, its people, and, of course, its music. The artist has toured Mexico, where he performed with Mexican orchestras and with the Youth Symphony of Budapest and the Belgrade Philharmonic, among others. Cobos has also played classics of Mexican popular music in other great venues throughout the world.

In this show, he will pay homage to the popular and classical Mexican music, instrumented and performed by the Spanish composer and director. For "Va por México," Cobos has assembled and orchestrated many popular Mexican music themes. He has managed to get the symphony orchestra and the mariachi to come together in a unique work, which will feature guest artists, choirs, and mariachi. Indigenous lands, rancheras, corridos, dances, classical songs such as the Huapango de Moncayo, and instrumental music from all over Mexico will meet for one night in one of the most important centers for Spanish music and art.

Date and time: May 10 at 8:00 p.m.

Place: Teatro Real, Plaza de Isabel II, s / n, Madrid.

Price: Between € 80 and € 145, depending on the seat


The performance will include songs from Luis Cobos' album ¡Va por México! and other popular songs from Mexico:

Jarabe mexicano

La bamba raspada

Va por México

Suite de los huapangos

A todo México

Son de la culebra

La bikina

Lindo corazón


Viento del sur

Al son de Veracruz

Intermezzo de M. Ponce

La llorona


Piensa en mi

Enciende la llama

Todos somos música