Maersk modifies rail service in Mexico

Maersk, the logistics services provider, announced the change of preferential route on the railroad to Mexico City, to the interior terminal of APM Terminals Cuautitlan.

Maersk modifies rail service in Mexico
Maersk Cargo. Photo: Cliff via Flickr

The logistics services provider, Maersk, announced the change of preferential route on the railroad to Mexico City, to the interior terminal of APM Terminals Cuautitlan, starting on May 25th.

The company said in a press release that shipments in mode *Store Door (Carrier Haulage, the movement made by the shipping company), which involves transfer by rail to and from Mexico City and Metropolitan Area, will be considered as preferential ramp the terminal of APM Cuautitlan. Imports not cleared at the port will be redirected to the Ferrovalle terminal.

In the ports involved as Manzanillo, Lazaro Cardenas, and Veracruz, the business of its customers will have personalized attention, connection to the rail network of the country, the strategic location of access to the terminal, and a rapid process of release of containers (17 to 45 minutes, depending on the season). It will have a new import scheduling process via rail in Manzanillo, also effective from May 25.

The process consists of the customs agent continuing to send the Request for Land Transportation by Rail in Excel format between 9 am and 1:30 pm for delivery of cargo the same day. At the end of the day, Maersk will send to the customs agents (who sent their request during the day), a consolidated that will be the "Daily Freight Program", then the customs agent must deliver the digital modulated cargo corresponding to the requested cargo, directly with the railway supplier Ferromex.

In case the cargo is not delivered, the containers will automatically be out of the loading program and it will be necessary to resubmit the transport request the next day. Previously submitted requests will not be considered and, at the time of the request, all services and payments to the terminal must be up to date, as well as the current departure ticket.

Maersk's launched its new CLX service

Maersk announced changes to optimize its west coast network in Latin America - North Europe, including the launch of its new CLX service that connects Chile, Peru, Panama, and Colombia with northern Europe and improvements in other services, such as extended coverage from/to Colombia.

Maersk strengthens trade between the west coast of Latin America and northern Europe with the launch of its new CLX service and the optimization of its network.

Together, Maersk and Hamburg Süd operate their network, with full operational control, from/to the west coast of Latin America and northern Europe. This complements Maersk's ambition, that the integration of the Maersk and Hamburg Süd networks will provide customers with premium market coverage, attractive direct services, competitive transit times, high reliability, and other benefits through a global network. combined.

The optimized network will provide greater connectivity, flexibility, especially for refrigerated cargo, and reliability, with improvements in transit times and better cargo, flows to continue to facilitate the growth of your business.

Some notable changes include:

Launch of the new CLX service that will provide direct coverage between Chile (San Antonio / San Vicente), Peru (Callao) and (Santa Marta / Cartagena) Colombia and Northern Europe - Germany (Hamburg), United Kingdom (London), Netherlands ( Rotterdam), Belgium (Antwerp). It will operate with larger vessels, L-Type, with 1,400 reefer plugs on board, which are adapted to the needs of the route.