In this last year of management of the thirteenth council of the Government of Los Cabos, the municipal president Armida Castro Guzman, celebrated that despite the Covid-19 important works were delivered for the benefit of the citizenship; 53 streets were delivered and parks were rehabilitated and, most importantly: peace was returned to the citizenship and today Los Cabos is the second safest destination for tourists nationwide.

Mayor Armida Castro Guzman acknowledged that this challenge required will, insistence and coordination of efforts with the Federal Government and with those who make up the Municipal Security Roundtable in Los Cabos.

"Thanks to all of us in this Roundtable, we are a model of Municipal Security and we have improved the perception of security, placing us as one of the safest beach tourist destinations in the country," said the mayor.

She recalled that since the beginning of the XIII Administration, a strategy was worked on to change the image and the feeling of insecurity in Los Cabos, and this is also due to the participation of society, which has been close to the authorities working in coordination through groups taking advantage of technological means.

"Despite Covid-19, I celebrate having done work, having built 53 streets and parks, and celebrated the work we have done with the Federal Government; if something speaks to me of a legacy that is not measured in many ways, is that we returned peace to the citizens and made it a safe destination for tourists and that was the biggest challenge," said the municipal president.

Highlighting that this police strategy has been implemented and reinforced since the first day of this administration and will continue to apply this same dynamic until the last day of work of the thirteenth municipal administration, she concluded.