Arts come together in the first edition of the Liber Festival


Opera, music, theater and plastic arts will be the disciplines that will be present in the first edition of Liber Festival, which will take place at the Cultural Forum Guanajuato in the city of León.

 From 5 to 9 June, the Cultural Forum Guanajuato will host more than a dozen activities such as opera and theater
From 5 to 9 June, the Cultural Forum Guanajuato will host more than a dozen activities such as opera and theater

The director of Art & Culture Grupo Salinas, Sergio Vela, announced that the new project, whose budget is 10 million pesos, will feature outstanding high-quality productions for the public from June 5 to 9.

"It will be five days, with 10 projects and 16 presentations in total, of this enormous variety that accounts for the various artistic disciplines," said Vela.

In a press conference, the cultural promoter also explained that for a festival to be perceived as such, it requires to be located at some point that is especially attractive, in this case at the Cultural Forum Guanajuato.

Liber Festival's programming includes the opera "El rapto en el serarallo", by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, directed by Antoni Ros-Marba, with the participation of the Camerata de Coahuila, the Bicentennial Theater Choir, Grupo Segrel and Tambuco, Ensemble de Percusiones. Also, the participation of the bel canto singers such as Leticia de Altamirano, Anabel de la Mora, Edgar Villalva, Bernd Hofmann, and Nicolás Sotnikoff.

The director of Art & Culture stressed that another of the activities offered to the public is the concert of the Mining Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Carlos Miguel Prieto with the violinist Shari Mason, who will perform works such as Sinfonía no. 41 Jupiter, by Mozart, and the Symphony no. 60 The distracted, Joseph Haydn, among others.

Another of the concerts that include the program of the festival is offered by Extradiction Ensemble, under the direction of Marco Sinopoli, who is a group of Italian musicians who will arrive with his jazz proposal before the Mexican public. Tambuco, Percussion Ensemble will also be presented; Grupo Segrel, and the pianist Ana Gabriela Fernández.

As well as the stagings Piedra de sol, by María Morett, the new production of the theater company MXTEATRO, and La Celestina, by Fernando de Rojas, with the National Theater Company, under the direction of Enrique Singer, in homage in memoriam to Rosenda Monteros (1935-2018).

As for plastic arts, the exhibition The Invention of Memory will be inaugurated. Photography and archeology in Mexico, consisting of 200 photographs of archaeological sites in Mexico, artists of the lens such as Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Hector Garcia, and Nacho Lopez, among others, which will be from June 5 to September 8.

In addition to the sample Business cards and nineteenth-century portraits in Mexico, large-scale reproductions of a series of studio portraits made in the photographic format known as "business card", very popular in the second half of the 19th century, which it will remain from June 5 to September 8.

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