It will be 40 years this September 20 since América was baptized with the historic nickname "Águilas" (Eagles). According to the version issued by the Coapa club itself, at the beginning of the eighties, the directors of the Azulcrema team wanted to give the club's image a makeover as part of a restructuring aimed at giving América a higher profile.

Part of this plan was aimed at giving the team a more imposing nickname and backing it up with a change in the uniform design, which up to that time had remained practically unchanged.

"America was innovative in that sense. What was previously navy blue and cream became a stylization, the blue became king, and the cream became a more saturated yellow. The 'V' for victory appeared on the jersey and the team's image was transformed from that moment to become Las Águilas del América," explained the Coapa club in a statement.

It was on September 20, 1981 when this new image of América was presented to the media, in a ceremony headed by Panchito Hernández. The fans immediately embraced the Eagles' nickname, which has become part of the club's history.

The current board of directors of the Coapa club, headed by Santiago Baños, decided to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Águilas' nickname with a commemorative patch that was placed on the first team's jersey during last Saturday's match against Toluca, on matchday nine of the Grita México. The patch will be worn by the team coached by Santiago Solari for the remainder of the tournament.