Mexico's largest online stores by sales value

Five e-commerce operators in Mexico account for 52% of the market by sales value, according to data from market analysis firm Euromonitor International.

Mexico's largest online stores by sales value
The largest online stores in Mexico by sales value. Photo by Igor Miske / Unsplash

Mercado Libre, Amazon, Walmart, Liverpool and Coppel together have 52% of Mexico's e-commerce market by sales value, according to Euromonitor International, a London-based market research firm.

Among the big five, Mercado Libre is the leader, with 15.4% share, followed by Amazon (13.2%), Walmart (9.6%), Liverpool (7.0%) and Coppel (6.8%).

According to Euromonitor International, with data provided at the request of El Economista, Mexico's e-commerce sales in 2021 reached 19,292.5 million dollars (about 385 billion pesos), and it is estimated that in five years the figure will reach 27,598.5 million dollars, which would mean an advance of 43 percent.

This measurement by Euromonitor International excludes sales between users (known by the expression C2C: consumer to consumer) and sales from companies to companies (B2B: business to business), which is why they are different from other measurements such as those of Inegi, Mexico's public statistics office.