What a problem Mexico's Jorge Antonio Fernandez is in, which has been denied by Automobili Lamborghini, who said it has no intention of producing cars in Mexico. All this after the also known as "Joan Ferci" met with the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) of Hidalgo to analyze and discuss the development and production of cars with the Lamborghini brand in that entity.

Only in September 2019, Fernandez Garcia experienced an episode of ignorance on the part of the parent company of the Italian sports car manufacturer, where he clarified that Automoviles Lamborghini Latin America SA is a company legally incorporated in Mexico, in Mexico City on November 11, 1994, of which he is CEO and President.

He states that the rights and title were granted by Automobili Lamborghini S.P.A., (Italy) belonging to the Chrysler Group and Megatech, signed by Robert A. Braner COO and Michael Kimberley CEO, through international contracts, express authorizations, and powers issued in favor of Automóviles Lamborghini Latinoamérica SA to operate and exploit them for 99 years.

Edgar Espínola Licona is of course involved in the matter, and the businessman from Ciudad Sahagún, Carlos Pardo, Don Carlos, as everyone in Hidalgo usually greets him. They point out that Ferci, who also sells everything from watches, T-shirts, perfumes, notebooks, pens, and even shoes, is no longer being investigated since they say he is still being sued by Volkswagen in Italy and the United States for trademark abuse.

The alert comes in addition to Lamborghini Mexico, which makes clear that any issue related to these cars and their products should be seen directly with its headquarters, where it reiterates active litigation in North America.

And so this new episode Joan Ferci, where he dreamed and already rubbed his hands together to take his idea of manufacturing an electric car from a "Lambo" to the entity that governs Omar Fayad Meneses, who could take this little matter away, if together with businessmen investigated before formalizing investments that will never happen.

Lamborghini in Latin America

In the rich history of Automobili Lamborghini, not all of it was roses. Several were the moments of crisis, with sales, bankruptcies, and handrails between automobile groups. Despite bringing to market a model as successful as the Diablo, the '90s was one of the most stormy for the house of Sant´Agatha Bolognese. That's why in 1994, Chrysler (owner of 'Lambo' at the time) sold its stake to the American-born Megatech Group.

That same year, Mexican entrepreneur and designer José Antonio Fernández acquired the rights to manufacture and market Lamborghini products in Latin America. The license agreement is valid for 99 years and also enables it to produce prepared and customized versions of the 'Toro'. Despite the existence of papers that support his figure as representative and producer, from Italy (and Germany, as it belongs to the Volkswagen Group) they do not recognize the agreement that Fernandez signed with the 'old' Lamborghini, so it can not produce current series models.

The Mexican, then, uses old models, from the Diablo backward. He has even launched models of his design and development but with the 'Toro' logo on the front. Due to the impossibility of manufacturing new Lamborghini cars, Fernández himself uploaded to his company's Facebook profile an interview where he explains the legal situation and what he calls discrimination on the part of the Volkswagen Group.