Could Lamborghini make cars in Paraguay?

The representative for Latin America of the Italian automaker Lamborghini is studying possible places to settle and be able to manufacture cars and components.

Could Lamborghini make cars in Paraguay? Photo: Pixabay
Could Lamborghini make cars in Paraguay? Photo: Pixabay

In that sense, Paraguay would seem to be the destination, given that Jorge Fernandez, head of Lamborghini Latin America, had meetings with Liz Cramer, head of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Mario Abdo, president of Paraguay.

According to Fernandez, his visit is part of the search for a site to install a "center of research, development and Lamborghini style". It would have the capacity to produce electric cars, something that Automobili Lamborghini has not yet developed, given that it has just presented its first production hybrid, the Sián.

Lamborghini in Latin America

In the rich history of Automobili Lamborghini, not all of it was roses. Several were the moments of crisis, with sales, bankruptcies, and handrails between automobile groups.

Despite bringing to market a model as successful as the Diablo, the '90s was one of the most stormy for the house of Sant´Agatha Bolognese. That's why in 1994, Chrysler (owner of 'Lambo' at the time) sold its stake to the American-born Megatech Group.

That same year, Mexican entrepreneur and designer José Antonio Fernández acquired the rights to manufacture and market Lamborghini products in Latin America. The license agreement is valid for 99 years and also enables it to produce prepared and customized versions of the 'Toro'.

Despite the existence of papers that support his figure as representative and producer, from Italy (and Germany, as it belongs to the Volkswagen Group) they do not recognize the agreement that Fernandez signed with the 'old' Lamborghini, so it can not produce current series models.

The Mexican, then, uses old models, from the Diablo backward. He has even launched models of his own design and development but with the 'Toro' logo on the front.

Due to the impossibility of manufacturing new Lamborghini cars, Fernández himself uploaded to his company's Facebook profile an interview where he explains the legal situation and what he calls 'discrimination' on the part of the Volkswagen Group.

Source: Ahora Roma

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