Lady Gaga is one of the world's top music stars; her music is recognized all over the planet and her image is always worth talking about because of the controversial costumes. Now, the singer surprised fans by giving a mini-concert in a bar in Los Cabos.

As many know, the beaches of Los Cabos in Baja California are a magnet for international tourism because of the beauty they possess. Thus stars from all over the world, as well as wealthy people enjoy this paradisiacal place. The singer Lady Gaga was on the Mexican beaches to celebrate the wedding of her best friends.

Sarah Nicole Tanno and Tim Stewart are a couple and decided to join their life in Los Cabos and, of course, Lady Gaga could not miss the appointment. In fact, at the event, the singer came as one of the bride's bridesmaids of honor and wore a spectacular pink dress that matched her hair in the same tone.

Lady Gaga took the time to share some of the details of the wedding between Sarah Nicole Tanno and Tim Stewart through the stories in her Instagram account. The wedding was held on Los Cabos beach and the party became unforgettable for the bride and groom and their guests.

However, what caught the most attention is that after the wedding Lady Gaga went to a bar in Los Cabos where live rock music is played. In the place, the singer took the opportunity to demonstrate her musical skills and played several instruments for the public that was in the establishment.

Lady Gaga is not an improvised woman in the world of music and her talent led her to conquer the most demanding audience. With this spontaneous mini-concert in a bar in Los Cabos, the singer demonstrates that her passion for music remains intact. What do you think of the mini-concert Lady Gaga decided to give in a bar in Los Cabos? Watch Lady Gaga jamming at Rock & Brews Los Cabos last night