All the professions of the world are important, so in the calendar of ephemeris could not miss the tribute to all those professionals who study life in all its forms, manifestations, and consequences, so every January 25 Mexico remembers and appreciates its work to the people who "most love life", biologists.

The celebration of Biologist's Day was established by the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico (IPN) in 1961. In this act, hundreds of biologists decided to create the College of Biologists of Mexico to protect the guild and the activity as well as the creation of a day in the one that remembered the functions carried out by these professionals.

The biologist is a scientist who understands how living systems work better than anyone else. Their labor competence is very wide and it grows to other areas, in such a way that they venture into the field of medicine or engineering.

In Mexico, there are approximately 100,000 biologists, of whom more than half are dedicated to teaching and research, as well as at different levels of government and civil society organizations.

Today, all the professionals who work in the area are honored in Mexico and work every day to improve the conditions of human and animal life on our planet. Thank you.