Jalisco will punish motorists who carry "sandwich children" in Mexico


The deputy for Movimiento Ciudadano and president of the Commission of Mobility and Transport, Jonadab Martínez García, has presented before the Congress the prohibition of the dangerous practice known as "sandwich children" which involves taking children recklessly between two adults in the motorcycle seats. The fine, which is currently 80 pesos, could amount to 2,800 as well as the removal of the driver's vehicle.

Jalisco will punish motorists who carry "sandwich children" in Mexico. Photo: Twitter
Jalisco will punish motorists who carry "sandwich children" in Mexico. Photo: Twitter

The legislative proposal baptized as "Sandwich Child" aims to end the high number of victims in traffic accidents, and specifically, motorcycles, which is already the second cause of death of children between 1 and 3 years of age.

According to figures from the Ministry of Health, in the last year accidents on motorcycles have increased by 17.1% in Mexico and although the use of the safety helmet prevents fatal injuries by 37%, its use has not yet been extended. the region.

In addition, Jalisco is one of the states along with Quintana Roo where fatal motorcyclist accidents are more frequent, according to the National Center for Accident Prevention.

"This can not continue happening in Jalisco, there cannot be tolerated and we can not let it go another day, there will be complaints from society, but from the irresponsible society, there will be discomfort in the collective, but in the collective that does not want to his children, "Martinez said at a press conference.

The objective of the reform is that the drivers of motorcycles, trimotor, ATVs, and motocarros become aware of the danger of transporting minors who can not keep their balance on their own or reach the footrests.

The economic sanction for transporting children under 10 years of age in these conditions and which is currently between 80 and 103 pesos, will be between 1,612 and 2,821 pesos maximum as well as the immediate withdrawal of the vehicle. The same will happen if the driver transports more people than allowed on his driving card.