Jalisco has positioned itself, for the second year, as the entity that produces the most films in Mexico.

In the press conference to publicize the 2019 call for support for animation, documentary, or fiction feature films, the President of the Trust of the Filming Commission of Jalisco, Alejandro Guzmán; the director of the Filming Commission of the State of Jalisco (COFIEJ), Rodolfo Guzmán Salas; the Director of Cultural and Artistic Development of the Secretariat of Culture, Claudia Reyes and as representative of the National Chamber of the Cinematographic Industry of Jalisco, Romelia Álvarez.

"We are excited with the start of the call. The Filming Commission of Jalisco is divided into the Economic Development Secretariat and the economic cabinet. The vision we have is to promote and strengthen the audiovisual production ecosystem. The call is opened and invites individuals or corporations to participate in the selection procedure for the granting of support for the production of feature films for the 2019 financial year," said Alejandro Guzmán.

So far 23 feature films have been supported with a total amount of 60 million pesos, and for this 2019 call, they will have 18 million pesos. The application period will end on July 24.

The portal to register the projects to be filmed in Jalisco is www.filmaenjalisco.com

"The maximum amount for the participants is five million pesos, and 100% of the resource is spent in Jalisco or with Jalisco, either co-production, services, technicians or talents. You have all the productions, 70% has benefited Jalisco projects, 29% to Mexico City and a co-production with Spain".

The Filming Commission of the State of Jalisco has been highlighted in recent years for generating support for the film industry.

"We are happy. First for the results, because we have exceeded our growth goals. There are movies, series, advertising, and video clips. Increase projects with streaming companies to shoot new series. There are three series and a couple of Netflix tapes, which already visit some locations. We have supported 23 films with the convocation and 30 films without resources of the call", concluded the director of the COFIEJ.

What comes next

Insomnia. The first animated film with stop motion technique, which is supervised by Guillermo del Toro.

Once upon a time in Transylvania


The winds of Santana is in postproduction.

Sunday, about to start production.

Mike Laure. The biopic of the singer who had to restructure the project. It will be filmed in Chapala and its surroundings.

Monarchs. The series that is about to premiere on Netflix will have a second season that could be filmed in October in Guadalajara.