This weekend it was announced that the Iranian Hulk will have its chance in the world of wrestling, having flirted with mixed martial arts since 2018. This curious character with thousands of fans on social networks will be part of the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC), the bloodiest boxing company in the world.

The news was confirmed by David Felman, president of the organization that stands out for fighting with rules similar to boxing, but without gloves. "This guy will make his debut at the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship early in 2020″, he said in a dialogue with the MMA Fighting site. Felman said: "We are going to do a show titled the United States vs Iran: World War III. It's the biggest signing we've ever had.

In March 2019, the Asian giant challenged the Brazilian Hulk, Romario dos Santos Alves, who began a process of transforming his body in 2009 and today weighs 104 kilos and reaches 1.78 meters in height. Now, the Asian will finally have the opportunity to shine in BKFC, whose first event in the United States was held in June 2018, after more than 100 years of absence from this bloody sport that forces its fighters to fight with clean knuckles.

This rule makes the fights bloodier and more painful than in traditional boxing where gloves of more than 8 ounces help cushion each blow.