Investors trust Mexico, its people, and its economic power

Seguros Sura (Suramericana), ensures that investors trust Mexico, its people, and its economic power.

Investors trust Mexico, its people, and its economic power
Investments to Mexico. Stock photo

Despite the global economic context that has certain concerns and the internal environment that has been generated by the change of government, the company Seguros Sura (Suramericana), ensures that investors trust Mexico, its people, and its economic power.

At the regional level, Mexico has not lost its attraction for foreign investors, since it has several factors in its favor that go far beyond any social or political situation and above all, because it has shown economic stability and its institutions are strong, what gives the country credibility.

This is what Gonzalo Pérez, global president of Seguros Sura, considers to be our country as a strategic site due to its geographical location, a situation that gives it an enormous advantage over the other nations of the region, so its projections are quite positive for them in Mexico.

The strengths of Mexico

In that sense, the transition that the country is going through politically, with the arrival of Andrés Manuel López Obrador to power and that has caused some turmoil and doubts in international markets, is not a risk factor for Sura who does not intend to withdraw any investment of Mexican land.

Thus, Gonzalo Pérez gives much importance to the specific weight that institutions currently have in the democratic and political system of the country, which from their point of view, are the pillars that sustain development, beyond governments, leaders, or the politicians.

"I do not have the slightest doubt that this country will continue to grow, it will continue to have an appetite for foreign investment and fully trust that the institutions that are going to be preserved, which are the ones that guarantee democracy," the director reiterated.

In addition, "Mexico has a very important inclusive and democratic culture", so this is always placed "above the political environment and although a change of government, regardless of the political tendency, always generates uncertainty", this does not put the risk that "the institutionality is respected and we trust that it will be respected", affirmed Gonzalo Pérez.

For this reason, our country is seen from abroad as one of the leaders of Latin America even above Brazil and "is undoubtedly a locomotive for the economic policy of the region," said the director of Sura, and "that is what we believe him as investors, we believe the institution, we believe in Mexican society and the Mexican economy. "

Financial Perspectives of Sura in Mexico

On the other hand, the Colombian company Suramericana has a good financial perspective for this year in Mexico, its projections indicate significant growth in certain areas and are aimed at expanding its market niche to sectors that are traditionally outside the insurance market.

According to Notimex figures, during 2019 Seguros Sura México will invest 59.2 million pesos in various projects in the country; In addition, the company expects to grow 9.3 percent compared to last year and 9.7 percent in the automobile industry.

But another sector where they bet heavily is the insurance for small and medium enterprises, where they plan to grow this year up to 12 percent and take advantage of the fact that SMEs do not have access to the appropriate insurance for their particular financial situation.

"Currently, 40 percent of businesses that are SMEs do not have insurance," said Carlos Alberto Ospina, CEO of Seguros Sura Mexico, and "that's where there are immense business opportunities and that's why we are going to focus our efforts on SMEs. "

In this way, Sura is the best example that investors trust Mexico, its people, and its economic power, something that is well received at times when the rating agencies have punished Pemex and some government projects of AMLO.