Every day more users are surfing the Internet in the world and of course in Mexico, however, its growth has never been as exponential as it was in 2020 with the arrival of the pandemic and therefore the state of connectivity has changed significantly.

This is confirmed by Digital 2021, a global study conducted by We Are Social in conjunction with Hootsuite that shows us in detail the state of the internet in Mexico, which allows us to know valuable and interesting information about trends or perspectives of internet users, mobile connections, social networks and e-commerce after the coronavirus.

Before moving on, it is important to highlight a change in the 2021 report about previous years; now the number of internet users in Mexico no longer includes data coming from social networks (because they may exceed the number of users as they are not unique individuals but accounts), so these statistics are not comparable with past data.

The current state of the Internet in Mexico

The study highlights that 92.01 million Mexicans are currently internet users through any device. This figure represents 71% of the total 129.6 million inhabitants in the country. At the same time, mobile connections already reach 89.1% of the population, which is equal to 115.4 million people.

Comparing January 2021 against 2020, we can observe a decrease of -0.4% in mobile users but an increase of 4% in the number of people using the Internet (3.5 million more). Digital growth was of course accompanied by an increase in social network users, which meant 11 million more in January 2021 (+12.4% vs. 2020) reaching 100 million inhabitants in Mexico (77.2% of the total population).

More connections through mobile devices and longer usage time.

Taking a look at browsing time, they point out that users in Mexico between the ages of 16 and 64 spend an average of 9 hours and 1 minute, every day, connected to the Internet from any device. However, they point out that access through mobile devices is the most recurrent with 95.9% of users connecting to the great network of networks by this means.

The most visited sites in Mexico

Now with all the time we spend on the Internet in Mexico, the next question is what are Mexicans doing and which sites do they visit on the great communications network? In this sense, among the most visited websites by Mexicans as of December 2020, the most popular search engine on the Internet, the social network with the most users, and the free video platform with the highest usage are positioned in the first places. Below are the 10 most visited sites on the World Wide Web.


The Silicon Valley giant's search engine received 2.02 billion visits in the last month of the year and added 98.2 million unique visits (this number represents distinct identities accessing but not unique individuals because they may be using multiple devices or browsers).


Google's video player came in second place with a total of 546 million and 62.7 million unique visits. It also had the second-best dwell time with 31 minutes on average.


The social network with the most global users was visited 512 million times and had 65.9 million unique visits.


This free, collaboratively edited encyclopedia received 247 million visits in December and reached 61.5 million unique accesses.

Google Mexico

Under its .mx domain, the search engine was also visited many times in the country where it reached a total of 235 million, from 29.3 million unique visits.


Another frequently viewed site was this free adult content video platform that had traffic of 234 million visits.

Mercado Libre

One of the favorite marketplaces of Mexican SMEs received 205 million visits in December being the busiest e-commerce platform.


This other website was visited 170 million times with 22.4 million unique visits.


Microsoft's web-based email had 115 million visits in the period measured.


Closing out the top 10 is PornHub with a total of 113 million visits.

Google queries in Mexico

As Google is the leader in Internet visits in Mexico, the study also highlights the main words that are searched for in the country through the search engine. These are as follows.










WhatsApp Web

Most consumed online content activities

Beyond the most frequented sites, the State of Digital in Mexico report shows how Mexicans (16 to 64 years old) spend their time on the Internet, specifically the percentage of consumption of the most frequent online activities. Among the first are watching online videos (99.3%), listening to streaming music (82.1%), watching blogs (58.9%), listening to or watching podcasts (51.7%), and distracting themselves with online radio (48.6%).