International visitors are spending more in Mexico


Last year, revenues from international visitors to the country grew 5.5% with respect to those received in 2017, to 22,509 million dollars, the highest amount of the record, according to Inegi data.

Morelia, Mexico
Morelia, Mexico

In this way, the tourism sector is consolidated as one of the main sources of foreign currency for the country, along with family remittances - which last year totaled 33.5 billion dollars - and crude oil exports, which reached 26.5 thousand millions of dollars.

Although the resources obtained were favorable, the number of visitors was reduced. The number of international travelers who visited Mexico last year closed at 96.7 million people, 2.6% lower than the 99.3 million who did so during 2017.

Despite this contraction, visitors are spending much more. The average disbursement per traveler during 2018 was substantially higher, reporting an amount of 231.8 dollars per person, 8.4% higher than the 213.9 dollars registered a year earlier. The said average amount of expenditure per traveler is the highest that is registered.

Of the total international travelers who visited the country last year, 41.5 million (43%) corresponds to international tourists, that is, visitors with overnight stays and the remaining 55.4 million (57%) are international hikers or day visitors.

While the number of tourists reported an annual increase of 5.5%, the number of hikers fell by 7.9%, in particular, border travelers, who fell 16.1% last year compared to 2017.

Even when the number of hikers exceeds international tourists, the latter is responsible for 90.3% of the total income generated by visitors to the country.

The income of foreign currency for international tourists in 2018 was 20 thousand 340 million dollars, of which 95% corresponded to intern travelers (who stay overnight in the country) and 5% to border tourists.

The average expenditure of international tourists in 2018 amounted to 488.34 dollars per person. While the tourists of hospitalization who traveled by air reported an average cost of 924.24 dollars per person, those who traveled by land registered an average expenditure of 348.81 dollars.

The average spending of border tourists was much lower last year: those who arrived by car spent $ 74.70 in 2018; those who did it on foot issued $ 56.65 per person.

The number of international travelers who left the country rose last year to 86.5 million passengers, 8.2% less than in 2017. Their total spending abroad rose to 11.3 billion dollars in 2018, 4.2% more than a year earlier.

The balance of the tourism balance, considering the income and expenditures by international travelers, was surplus for 11 thousand 209 million dollars, 6.8% higher than the surplus for 10 thousand 496 million dollars reported in 2017.

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