Fast, healthy, and with very Mexican flavors, this is GANU, the instant soup created by university students from Tec de Monterrey. That soup is known as "la maruchan Mexicana", but healthy. GANU is the real name and the students who created it are very hungry for talent. According to El Universal, this healthy instant soup made from chickpeas was developed by Daniel Sánchez along with Rafael Álvarez, both students of the Degree in Creation and Development of Tecnológico de Monterrey companies.

"This project was born when I realized that many people around me, whether at school or on the street, consumed instant soups. Therefore, I focused on seeking to provide a new version that retains practicality without sacrificing the quality of the ingredients "said Daniel one of the creators of GANU.

Mexicans sought to create a product focused on providing consumers with a quick, accessible, and healthy option, based on one of the most common foods that exist in the world market that are instant soups. For the development of the project, the students had the advice of the Business Incubator Tec de Monterrey Campus Mexico City, the Hub of Social Entrepreneurship, and the support of entrepreneur mentors and entrepreneurs.

The university students won during the Dare to Undertake, an initiative organized by the CDMX Government in conjunction with the Social Development Fund (FONDESO) and industry allies such as StartUp Mexico, being named as "one of the 50 teams that will change Mexico from the hand of FONDESO ".