Nuevo León lives a wave of violence, mainly in the municipalities of the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey that includes Cadereyta, Santiago, Guadalupe, San Nicolás de los Garza, Apodaca, Santa Catarina, Santiago, and San Pedro Garza García. In the latter, one of the most developed municipalities in the country, its inhabitants marched yesterday before the increasing number of robberies and homicides in the demarcation, a situation that led to the resignation of the municipal Public Security Secretary, Felipe de Jesús Gallo.

The inhabitants of San Pedro were organized through WhatsApp after the latest violent events to go out to the streets to march dressed in white. and they demanded peace for the municipality, while the local Public Security minister resigned the position. The peaceful demonstration had as its origin the increasing number of robberies with violence and assaults that have occurred in the municipality, mainly in parking lots of shopping centers, which already took the life of a young man, and for which the state government blames a band of South Americans.

With banners reading messages such as "Peace," "San Pedro sure" and "No more impunity," the protesters marched while demanding Mayor Miguel Treviño an effective action to abate indices of insecurity. They announced that next Sunday they will march again and will seek more citizens to join their protest. On the other hand, Mayor Miguel Treviño said that the resignation of Felipe Gallo as secretary of Security of the Municipality of San Pedro occurred because his leadership was unfeasible at this time, however, the mayor acknowledged that the former official approved last year the tests of control and confidence.

So far this year, there have been 19 armed clashes, 15 of which were after attacks on elements of the Civil Force, acknowledged the Secretary of State Security, Aldo Fasci Zuazua, who emphasized that insecurity in Nuevo León is approaching at the levels of 2009-2010, two of the most violent years for the entity. Fasci Zuazua argues that the upsurge in violence is due to the actions they have taken against criminal groups, such as the Metropolitan Operation, which two weeks after its implementation totals 829 people detained related to drug crimes, robbery, and homicide, crime that during the months of December and January left a balance of 99 victims in each one.

So far in February, human remains have been abandoned in streets near the three state prisons, the building of the Ministerial police and streets near the center, in the Parque Industrial Escobedo, plus two more heads were found north of the state. Regarding robberies in San Pedro Garza García, in a single weekend, there were five events, in which the criminals wait for their victims in the parking lots of shopping centers.