Everything seems to indicate that after the confirmation of operations against drivers of the InDriver application, many of them have decided not to provide their services temporarily, which has affected those who make use of this app.

After confirming the operations carried out by the State Government against drivers of the InDriver platform, many of them have decided not to work because the demand exceeds the supply and there are already users who are upset about this.

This complaint is visible in social networks, as several users can be seen asking why there are no vehicles available. It has been the drivers of this platform who have come out to say that the state authority has begun to stop the vehicles of those who drive with this application, so they have decided not to provide the service, reported Vallarta Independiente.

The fine for operating on a platform not authorized by the Government of Jalisco is 200 UMAS, in addition to the dragging of the vehicle to a corralón, so the drivers have preferred to wait and not work.

According to the drivers, the authorities have implemented a modus operandi where they impersonate users and request the service to immediately close the way and stop the units.

The problems are increasing because we are in the high season when the service is more requested and there is a greater influx of tourists. There is a latent risk of closing avenues due to these operations.