In two months, tenders for 3 billion US dollars for Tren Maya will go public


In two months the three tenders will be published for one billion 100 million dollars each for the unmade section of the Mayan Train and will renegotiate with ICA the Cancun Merida section, which had already been granted to the construction company and will be rectified in this period by the direct award.

Image: @TrenMayaMX
Image: @TrenMayaMX

At the end of the meeting with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the person in charge of the Mayan Train project pointed out that the strongest tenders will be issued until the end of 2019, and these refer to preliminary work.

"Right now they are doing some preliminary works that started since December, they are preliminary works, they are induced works, but the good contract of that, the tender goes out in two or three months and comes out after three more months. Already the strong stretch of tenders, by the end of the year, is physical work, "he explained.

The sections to be concessioned are Palenque-Escárcega, Escárcega-Campeche, Yucatán-Chichen Itza and Chichen Itza-Valladolid. The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit already lists the final details.

He stressed that there will be no direct awards, except in the case of ICA, who already had the concession, with whom they will renegotiate the right via, to remove the forum.

"There will be no direct assignment, except for a renegotiation of the right-of-way of the highway that goes from Cancun to Mérida, where it already is, there it is necessary to reach an agreement with ICA, because they have a concession and that concession has to be clearly be nothing to remove the forum, "he said.