In the fight against corruption is the solution to many ills of Mexico: Martí Batres

The president of the Senate of the Republic, Martí Batres, said that in the fight against corruption is the solution to many of the ills of Mexico, including the theft of fuel that represented a loss to the treasury of about 65 billion of pesos per year.

Photo: Senate of the Republic bulletin
Photo: Senate of the Republic bulletin

It is "an amount that competes with other networks of organized crime and would have been unthinkable without the open collaboration of officials at various levels" of Petróleos Mexicanos, the federal government and state governments, the senator warned at the presentation of the Magisterial Conference that Raffaele Cantone gave on "Criminal Policy and the Corruption Phenomenon: Italian Experience".

He stressed that corruption is expressed from "the sale of the act of authority", the so-called bite, the looting of public coffers and financial corruption, that is, "gigantic business at the expense of public resources."

"We will have to fight them at all levels. But if we do not fight the one above, we will really be self-deceiving, fighting only the so-called bite, we will have to hit the gigantic corruption businesses, which are the ones that have the most costs, "he said.

Martí Batres considered that this struggle "is a dignification of public work"; also an economic strategy that will save resources. It is estimated, he emphasized, that in one month fuel theft was reduced by more than 70 percent. "This means that the State has recovered tens of billions of pesos that were being lost," he said.

The senator listed the measures that have been taken to address the problem of corruption, such as the austerity plans or the approval of the Federal Law of Remuneration of Public Servants.

Another federal government offensive against corruption is coming: the issue of buying medicines. It is estimated that it can be, as some analysts have said, up to 600 percent above the real costs, "he said.

At the time, the Secretary of Public Function (SFP), Irma Eréndira Sandoval, said that the experience that Italy has in the fight against corruption, organized crime, money laundering, mafias and other associated crimes is emblematic at the world, so the exchange of experiences will be important for Mexico.

She stressed that the current administration has among its main priorities the fight against corruption and organized crime, which has damaged and destroyed resources and our country. For this, she said, the government works on a strategy and puts republican austerity in the center, a new public morality that is based on the fight against privilege and the abuse of power.

The head of the SFP pointed out that through transversal axes in the fight against corruption and the fight against impunity and joint work with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, which allows to find in international experience, including Italian lessons to incorporate the fight against corruption and all associated crimes.

During his presentation, Dr. Raffaele Cantone acknowledged the collaboration between Italy and Mexico in the fight against corruption, which he stressed must be fought with preventive systems.

He recognized the work carried out by the government in Mexico, offering a better life. We know in Italy that it is not an easy task. Mexico builds through a new central agenda of transparency and responsibility with actions aimed at the protection of individual rights, which will be of great help.

He reported that the prevention system in Italy is a set of rules based on strategic pillars where accurate information is obtained from officials. Know what their duties are and what their behavior is, "avoid conflict of interest. If they falls into acts of corruption they can no longer hold office. " In this way, he said, we reinforce and identify eventual risk areas with more confidence controls, supervision and more resources are allocated to hire more qualified personnel.

Dr. Raffaele Cantone congratulated the Mexican government for its new anti-corruption policy, and stressed that through joint work, the fight against corruption that causes so much damage to nations will be strengthened.

For his part, the representative of the United Nations Office against Drugs and Crime in Mexico, Antonino de Leo, acknowledged the fight against corruption carried out by the President of Mexico, "it is a moment where the Federal Government puts in the center transparency and the fight against corruption, it is important from the United Nations to promote an exchange of views on the fight against corruption, "he said.

The diplomat said that we should jointly promote good practices and international standards to see prevention as the best instrument. The Italian experience is important for Mexico to strengthen the fight against corruption. We will exchange experiences and actions that will reinforce the changes carried out by the President in terms of transparency and combating corruption.

via: Senate of the Republic