Referring to a trans woman as a transgender is a sign of ignorance of the subject because it is implied that they are men feeling like women, or are men wanting to be women. "Trans women were always women, we had to take a step, we had to carry out a process, but trans women are women, period, says Victoria Volkóva, youtuber, activist and makeup artist and considered by Forbes magazine as one of the 100 women most powerful of Mexico.

According to the Condesa Specialized Clinic (CEC), transgender is the gender identity of each person, recognition as a man or woman, which does not correspond to the gender assigned at birth. This identity does not imply any specific form of sexual orientation, since transgender people can identify themselves as heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual, among other preferences.

A transsexual person finds that their sexual identity is in conflict with their sexual anatomy, so there is a desire to modify the external sexual characteristics that do not correspond to the sex with which they feel identified. What is modified is not sex, but the appearance of their external sexual genitalia through genital reconstruction surgery and secondary sexual characteristics through hormone replacement therapy.

For Volkóva, the statements of the former Miss Universe, Lupita Jones, leave the door open hatred, transphobia, and homophobia, especially not considering having nothing in common with a transgender, which undervalues trans women are women really, which is illogical. He considered that to give an opinion one must know what is being talked about since not all opinions are correct, "there are some opinions that should be kept, especially when they go against human rights, of what a person believes and not nothing will be built, on the contrary, they only generate violence and hatred ".

There is a wide diversity of women: high, low, fat, thin, Chinese, laces, and among this diversity, there are trans women, says activist Diana Sánchez Barrios, founder of ProDiana AC, an organization that promotes and defends the human rights of women. lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transvestite, transsexual, and intersex (LGBTI) and vulnerable groups. Within the diversity of women, there are businesswomen, mothers, and trans women, dedicated to politics, and that all have different cultures, as well as ways of thinking, but in the end women, diverse women.

Nothing has to do with the genitals, gender is built, as Simone de Beauvoir says, "the woman is not born, she becomes a woman", you can not encourage the model of traditionalist families of what the woman and her behavior should be like. It considers that information, education, and empowerment are needed. "It is very good that a transsexual woman can participate in this type of event (beauty contests) because it makes visible certain populations of this great variant of being a woman".

This is a watershed, he said, so that the coexistence with the trans population is generated and the needs that they have are taken into account, that the governments generate public policies on information and inclusion. Also, make visible that they also occupy spaces in government with decision-making, not only hidden behind or not only doing sex work, or not just washing dishes in a restaurant hiding, you have to go beyond that.

On the other hand, the psychologist of the CEC, Jeremy Cruz Islas, states that the transgender population in Mexico represented in 2016 between 0.3 and 0.5 percent, that is, in the country, there are between 360 thousand and 600 thousand trans people. He stressed that between 50 and 70 percent of trans people are victims of violence, specifically by their families, in school, and in work situations, which causes stress and depression.

The psychiatrist and doctor for Public Health said that the clinic serves about one thousand 300 patients, of which one thousand 171 are transgender women, that is, from man to woman and 224 are trans men, that is, from woman to man. For the coordinator of the Trans Identity Support Center, Rocío Suárez, the comments against transsexual women in beauty contests perpetuate discrimination against this population, by not considering or accepting them in the gender with which they identify

The importance of knowing how within the cultural and social imaginary women are built and assumed, therefore, does not have a diverse perspective of what it is to be a woman, of what the diversity that exists within this genre represents. "First of all, we must question what it is to be a woman, a woman is that you have a vagina or a woman is that you have children because to have children you would need to be a mother, but being a woman means", asks Naomy Méndez, a muxe activist. Juchitán de Zaragoza.

In our case, she said, we feel and live like women, we do not compare, we do not compare, but we try to be similar to them, which is a great opportunity for us. If a person feels and lives as a woman and calls himself a woman, it is that she is a woman, it does not matter if she has already changed sex, gender or identity, even preferences. This starts from the inner self, "from what you are or what you want to be, what you feel to be".

Because it is not a reproductive device that makes us a woman, but a psychological construct, which are feelings, emotions, and the brain. While Roshell Terranova, a transgender woman, activist, actress, and businesswoman, points out that, from a gender construction point of view, trans women are always built just like other women.

She expressed her agreement with Lupita Jones that they should not go to this type of contest, neither the trans nor the biological women, "nobody, since you can not show the woman in general as something physical, to show off anything else the beauty Exterior". Similarly, he felt that people should have an opinion about these LGBTI community populations with knowledge since both the media and the general public refer to transgender women as their gender, they do not put the appropriate article, They say "he", that is lack of culture and information.

"It is not a goal for transgender people to modify the genitals, what is a goal is to be accepted and seen with the gender to which they belong, with the gender identity they have, that is fundamental," he concluded in turn. psychiatrist.