Mexico City has been fortunate enough to be visited by one of today's most beloved Hollywood stars. This is Hugh Jackman, who for many years has been recognized for his interpretation of Wolverine in films such as X-Men - 81%, X-Men 2 - 86%, X-Men: The Final Battle - 58% and Logan - 93%. The 51-year-old actor from Australia possesses a natural charisma that makes him the object of worship for countless people.

Hugh Jackman arrived in Mexico City last Wednesday and since then has not ceased to surprise the inhabitants with his presence in multiple places. Jackman left very early every day to carry out his exercise routine, jogging on Paseo de la Reforma Avenue and taking the passers-by by unawares, who had no pity and approached to ask for photographs with their idol.

Through his official Instagram account, Jackman registered his view of Quetzalcoatl Park. Thanks to the set of images we can notice that the star enjoyed a pleasant day in this site of majestic gardens and imposing decoration, a key point of tourism for any traveler who wants to know the best of Mexico City.

But that wasn't all. Jackman also approached the National Museum of Anthropology, where he received a tour from one of the bilingual guides. She had the opportunity to visit some of the numerous rooms that characterize the complex and take several photos of the valuable pieces exhibited there, the most outstanding being one of the Olmec head and the one with the replica of the Temple of Quetzalcoatl. The images shared by the actor on Instagram allow us to notice that the people visiting the museum were not indifferent to his presence.

The reason for Hugh Jackman's visit to Mexico City is due to the show he gave last night at the Arena Mexico, "The Man", a show composed of musical themes from the classic Hollywood era. The actor announced the tour some time ago and this October 19 was the turn of the date on CDMX.

At the moment, Hugh Jackman is very focused on his music show and has put aside his interventions on the big screen. His last moves for the camera have been The Front Runner, El Gran Showman - 54% and Logan, this last title being one of his best works and final film as the mutant with claws.

Wolverine got Jackman to set a Guinness World Record for the longest career as a Marvel live-action superhero with more than 16 years playing the ruthless mutant. This is a brand that will be hard to break for any other actor who has worked in the Marvel world; for now, Jackman and Patrick Stewart keep their names in the famous book.

Due to their long years as the face of Wolverine, few actors can be imagined to replace him at MCU. Let's remember that Disney now has absolute control over the X-Men and will soon begin to produce films with the participation of the team, however, this is an addition that will not come soon. Kevin Feige said it during a press conference in April (via Comicbook).

It will take time. It's all starting and the five-year plan we've been working on we worked out before all this was established [the deal between Fox and Disney]. So for us, the details of when and how [X-Men will appear] right now are less important, more important is the comfort factor and how nice it is to know they're home, that they're all back. But it will be a very long time.