2022 arrives with some novelties for users of the Collective Transportation System (STC) since it is now possible to take the Metro map in augmented reality. Millions of Mexicans can now travel with the map in 'hands' thanks to an Instagram filter that is causing a furor in social networks. Accessing the interactive map is easier than you think since you only need an Instagram account and a Metro or Metrobus access card, better known as the Integrated Mobility Card (TMI).

How to activate the Metro map in augmented reality?

Take the Metro card and enter the Instagram app.
Access the 'upload stories' option and slide your finger through the effects menu.
In the 'explore effects' option, slide your finger until you reach the 'Metro CDMX' filter.
Select the effect and put the Metro card in front of your cell phone camera to see the interactive map.
In a few seconds, the interactive map will be displayed for you to travel without getting lost in public transportation.

The filter has begun to gain popularity in recent weeks, as several TikTok users have made videos surprised by the novelty of the Collective Transportation System (STC).

The map will show you the Metro lines, as well as the name of each station and some white dots to locate you.

The Mexico City Metro has 12 lines and 195 stations that are used by millions of people every day.

The interactive map has left surprised people who travel by subway constantly since it is the first time that Instagram incorporates this trick.

Other people claim that the filter is unnecessary since there will always be the option to search for the image of the Mexico City Subway map on Google.