How to stay afloat and have fun while on Mexico vacation

There are a lot of parties
There are a lot of parties

Drink water

A lot of dancing and partying and heat from the start till end in the day. This is quite obvious, but it does not hurt to remember it. Drink plenty of water, and your body will thank you later.

There are a lot of parties

There are euphoric moments, nights that seem to be the ultimate revelation of existence, full of good music, fantastic decorations, and extremely attractive men and women and so on. But do not burn all your ships in one night. Remember that there are more parties to come and it is better to stay calm. Cool down and relax.

Protect yourself from the chaos and financial uncertainties

Between the trips, the party and the contingencies of a paradisiacal but chaotic place, it is possible to have some mishaps (or some anxieties). Check in advance if your credit cards have additional services. For example, American Express has a 24/7 service designed to solve unforeseen trips. American Express cards also have a Fraud Protection service, which consists of an advanced technology based on an intelligent system. This system is able to identify changes in the purchase patterns to detect possible frauds and avoid the misuse of your card. Take precautions.

Prepare to dress up

Several of these parties are themed, usually with themes similar to those found in Burning Man. Although parties sometimes provide color paintings and decorations, it is worth taking something if you are interested in this aesthetic aspect.

Take advantage of the gastronomic offers

A good dinner before partying is a great way not only to have energy but to enjoy time the friends and the atmosphere of the place.