How to make time planning deliver the expected results


Time is divided equally between us, just the question: "How do we spend it?" By systematically dedicating time to a plan for a day, a week, a New Year, and even for the next five years, you can achieve your goals.

Valuable tip: How to make time planning work the way you want. Stock photo
Valuable tip: How to make time planning work the way you want. Stock photo

Understand your responsibilities and important tasks

Priorities and goals need to be set in order to plan, and there is no need to plan everything at once. Each week begins with the duties - well, if they are known - it will be helpful if you write down even the smallest plan of work the previous week so that you do not forget to do something. In the list, remember to devote space not only to finishing the presentation and communicating with 10 clients, but also devoting space to your daily chores, planning to tidy up the house and visit your grandmother.

If the scheduler from the top to the bottom is already full of work responsibilities, the other things will not happen by themselves. You can create a so-called bullet system, a box system, where you paint the box daily for systemic jobs. It can be helpful to have a to-do list posted on a wall in a visible place for all family members. It helps everyone to mobilize, and if they all work well together in the middle of the week, they can also relax together at the weekend - enjoying the feeling of satisfaction and peace. More importantly, to think, what can I do, which jobs are less urgent, what can I do in a week?

Find the time thieves

It is important to understand what you are doing with your time, how useful and meaningful are your daily, weekly schedules. Keep track of how much time you spend on social networks, how much you chat with your friends, colleagues. Use planning to improve your quality of life in any area and no one else knows better than you what you, your loved ones, your friends, work, and so on should do. for good.

If you have a feeling that important things are going to be left behind, even if they are recorded in the planner, tell them out loud or share them on social networks. You will be embarrassed not to do what you are saying because the plan you are saying is no longer just your plan.

The plan is to follow

An annual and five-year plan is not unrealistic if you first set goals and a follow-up plan on exactly which one you will achieve. If we constantly extinguish only the fire of everyday work, we will never be in the big picture. Sad, but the reality is many list plans do not work. You don't have to be like this.

Take your plan and make it happen. If we do not do what we need today, we will have to do twice as much the next day. The exception is when something is really overdue, but most likely it will not go unharmed - a bad note, a reprimand from a boss, a silent colleague, stalled work - just to name a few.

By Mexicanist