How to invest in a stock market from a cell phone


Grupo Bursátil Mexicano (GBM) launched its GBMHomebroker application, where it will be possible to invest in the stock market, via smartphone from a thousand pesos. The general director of GBM Digital, Javier Martínez Morodo, said that the goal is to move from 25 thousand to 250 thousand customers by the end of the year, that is, multiply by 10 their customers.

GBM Homebroker points out that the process is 100% digital, since it only requires 3 minutes to become an investor; forecast to add 225 thousand customers in 2019
GBM Homebroker points out that the process is 100% digital, since it only requires 3 minutes to become an investor; forecast to add 225 thousand customers in 2019

Martínez Morodo said that the amount to access its service, which includes real-time information and analysis documents, was reduced from 100 thousand to one thousand pesos (five thousand 211 to 52 dollars), that is, it has zero administrative costs and pointed out that the announcement is made after investing more than one billion pesos in technological infrastructure and partnerships with various actors in the financial environment, such as the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) and the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV).

In addition, the process is 100 percent digital in terms of contract opening, which allows investors to take minutes to open their account and participate in the stock market.

He explained that in the country there are about 260 thousand investment accounts, which means that only one in 500 people participate in the Stock Exchange, while in the United States it is six out of 10.

He commented that the opening of the digital site was made last weekend and grew 50 times the demand. He argued that the internal expenses per account are 100 pesos per month, so the business model is profitable. In addition, GBM will maintain commissions of 0.25 percent per movement.

According to Javier Martínez, Mexicans aged 18 and over (although they analyze a plan to invest from age 15) will be able to open an investment account in just three minutes, from their cell phone, and will be able to buy shares of national and foreign firms. , such as Apple, Facebook and Cemex, among others.

To open it, you need to have a bank account from which resources will be available, although you work so that you can also make deposits through stores like Oxxo. The executive commented that in investments, in general, Mexico took a relevant leadership, because from the country you can invest in securities abroad, which allows improving the diversification strategy.

The liberation of the platform began over the weekend and had a demand of two thousand people; "The investment of more than one thousand pesos today makes it easier for us to reach millions of people, with the impact it will have on the welfare of the country," he said.

He said he will have a promotion, which is that the first 100 people who register will be given Twitter shares, although they will keep promotions constantly.

The investment management company has more than 700 billion pesos in custody for 10 years, but the assets could reach one trillion pesos, if we take into account the 144 issuers in the BMV and in BIVA, which represent less than 40 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country, but it is small, compared to the United States, where thousands of companies are listed.

via: La Razon