How Merida's motels are preparing for Valentine's Day

Prior to the celebration of February 14, Valentine's Day, the different motels in the city have launched their offers and promotions, since this date is "high occupancy".

Motel in Merida
Motel in Merida

This is how from their web pages and social networks, the best known sites offer offers and promote diversity of pleasant spaces, some of them thematic "to offer couples a unique and unrepeatable."

In his case, the popular "Moon" is reported as "a perfect thematic motel for couples who like to spend their most intimate and private moments in a space that takes them to the maximum game with imagination and creativity.

"It is one of the hostels in Merida that has a variety of rooms for all interests, also has a list of ideal services to suit all preferences and ensure an unparalleled stay," says the advertisement, which allows space for a , two or three couples wishing to enjoy the facilities that have 40 rooms.

This motel is accessed only by reservation, and as established by the website, it has a high demand such that it no longer has reservations for February 14 and 15. Their prices vary by day and time of occupation, as explained on their informative page.

In turn, the Hotel "Eros" includes accessible prices ranging from 260 pesos per room per hour and up to 60 pesos per extra hour of use. On your website, you can answer a questionnaire about seduction, to know your capacity for sexual awareness with your partner.

The also known motel "Maracay" offers prices ranging from 250 pesos from Monday to Thursday and 280 weekends per hour. It also charges 60 pesos per extra hour. It offers room service and according to its website, it is a historical site, since it is a legend among the hotels of this category in the city.

At the Maracay Motel, advertising indicates, "you can give free rein to all your fantasies in an environment that celebrates love and pleasure."

Maracay Motel
Maracay Motel

Another reference in Merida of this sector of accommodation is the Motel "Señorial" that on the advertising page explains: in the State of Yucatan you can enjoy the romance, pleasure and seduction in the different motels that this place offers for all those couples who want to live unique moments.

With the availability of 40 rooms, the Manor offers king size beds, air conditioning, jacuzzi, pool, Kamasutra chair, pool dance tube, room service, sex shop, to meet the needs of its customers.

There is also the Motel "Tuch" (navel in Mayan) that has a minimalist concept that offers a wide range of erotic toys, as well as an extensive menu of drinks and meals with a quality service. The facilities are decorated with two colors that incite pleasure, love and seduction, these colors are red and black.

In Mérida, the motel market has diversified, adding about 35 lodging centers in different points of the Yucatan capital. In total, some 700 rooms are offered with services ranging from the most demanding to the most economical but with the same objective: to satisfy their temporary guests as much as possible.