Hoteliers foresee arrival of seaweed to the beaches in March

Sargasso worries hoteliers in Cancun and Riviera Maya because satellite photographs show a lot of the algae in the Caribbean Sea, although the Nortes push it inwards, but in March, once these cease, there will be strong arrivals of sargassum, that could be more intense than last year, said Roberto Cintrón Gómez, president of the Hotel Association of Cancun and Puerto Morelos (AHCyPM).

Seaweed worries the hoteliers of Cancun and Riviera Maya
Seaweed worries the hoteliers of Cancun and Riviera Maya

Roberto Cintrón Gómez met with Marybel Villegas Canché, senator for Quintana Roo, to agree and achieve a commitment with the 19 Caribbean countries affected by sargassum and hold a congress in which efforts are unified and find a definitive solution to industrialize it, while The Moon Palace hotel, owned by José Chapur Zahuol, offers 200 all-inclusive rooms, for a week, for Cancun to host the conference.

"We propose as date for that event on March 1 and so we define it with Senator Maribel Villegas Canché, who has, among others, the task of starting to see the invitations to representatives of the 19 affected countries. It is a matter of agreeing to start working, "explained the hotel manager.

"The issue is being dealt with in an integral manner, so that the invitation will have to come from the Mexican government so that it has a greater impact and we see that our country assumes the leadership in the issue and is convening all the nations involved." , explained to infoqroo.

Marisol Vanegas Pérez, Secretary of Tourism of Quintana Roo, commented on Sargasso and Fitur that "they always tell us that it is an important issue, because they serve the entire Caribbean and it is a problem that is throughout the Caribbean, but they are also presented all the actions that we carry out to counteract this phenomenon, is not a topical issue, but it is something that some people ask and they are punctually informed, " she commented.

The federal deputy Luis Alegre Salazar said that about the 60 proposals that have been submitted to combat the arrival of sargassum to the beaches of the Mexican Caribbean, opts for an initiative that proposes to use specialized vessels that suctions the sea sargassum and compact it to make a kind of giant "chorizos" of biodegradable material.

The general director of the Palace Resorts Group, José Chapur Zahoul, also spoke in favor of a solution "of origin" in the case of sargassum, because it is not a matter of agreeing how to pick it up on the beaches of Cancun or Riviera Maya, but of seeking how to prevent it from reproducing at sea, as has been revealing.

The matter will surely be raised in a meeting that hoteliers will have in a few days with the head of the Sectur, Miguez Torruco Marqués, after the Moon Palace six companies have done tests with networks to stop the sargassum, but it exceeds and it breaks them, the same as in Playa del Carmen, while only in the Dominican Republic there are two companies that collect it in the sea, before it reaches the beach, with networks that have given very good results, he said.

The company Dakatso acquired for 7 million pesos a ship of 35 feet that allows collecting dozens of tons of sargassum, which according to Dagoberto Ruiz, the director of this company can collect up to 70 tons every hour is the amount that is collected on the coast.