Hot air balloon flights in Mexico are an experience you cannot miss, even if the heights are not your thing, as they are safe and they are not performed if the weather conditions are not right. In Mexico, there are five places where you can make one of these hot air balloon trips, usually accompanied by breakfast and a toast.


Taking one of these trips in Querétaro will allow you to appreciate the vineyards and the magical town of Tequisquiapan at more than 200 meters above sea level. The flight costs 2,299 pesos per adult, and a minimum of two people are required to make the flight. You must be at the office in the Colegio Militar, No. interior 3, Colonia Centro at 05:45 in the morning. The trip includes the transfer from the meeting point to the airport, breakfast, toast at the end of the trip, and a certificate of the experience.


The Jalisco Balloon Tour Operator makes trips that will take you over the municipality of Amatitán. It is a shared flight, with a price of 2,400 pesos per person. The meeting point is an Oxxo in Amatitán from six to seven in the morning, where you will be transferred to the "globopuerto". In this transfer, you will be given an introductory talk. At the end of the flight, a toast and a breakfast with Mexican dishes will be served. It also includes a tour of El Fogonero, a tequila factory (optional).

Also in Amatitán, they organize the tours Balloon Flights, which are packages for couples. They cost 5,000 pesos per person. With a one-hour direction. Includes wine tasting all along the way, a bouquet of roses or a tray of chocolates, and the toast. After this, you continue with the Mexican buffet and the visit to the tequila factory. You also have the option of a sign in the basket, a very good option for birthday celebrations or marriage proposals.


Balloon Flights has a package of 1,900 pesos per person, a shared flight with a sparkling toast, and a certificate of the experience. You can fly over Huamantla, a magical town in the region, and see the Malinche, the fifth-largest volcano in the country. You will leave at 6:40 in the morning at Hacienda Soltepec where you will be offered coffee before the trip. On the way back you will have a toast and breakfast.


The tour operator of the place is Globo San Miguel, which organizes tours where, in addition to enjoying the panoramic view of San Miguel, you can also fly over the mountain Los Picachos, and if the weather is favorable, you can also appreciate the central valley of the Bajio and the mines of the place. The traditional package with transfer from the Rosewood Hotel (meeting point) starts at 6:30 in the morning. On your return, you will be offered breakfast in a restaurant in downtown San Miguel.

The entire package lasts between three and four hours for 2,701 pesos per person, and 2,600 pesos without breakfast. The balloon flight package costs 2,599 pesos per person, which includes transportation, toast, and breakfast. Remember that they have a limited capacity of 10 people per balloon.


Sky Balloons organizes trips to observe the pyramids of Teotihuacan from the heights, where you can appreciate the highest part of the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon, for a cost of 2,599 pesos per person. It starts at six o'clock in the morning, the time at which you must arrive at the Sky Balloons facilities, where they offer a coffee break while they inflate the balloons.

You also have the option of the package for special celebrations, such as birthdays or the delivery of an engagement ring. They also make this trip over places near Mexico City for a cost of 2,750 per person with transportation from CDMX. This shared flight also offers breakfast and a toast.