Here are the 25 sports fishing tournaments in the Mexican Caribbean this year

The site Pescando en el Caribe (Fishing in the Caribbean), which promotes the catch and release, published its calendar in which classic contests and a new one stand out

Fishing in Mexico
Fishing in Mexico

Where is the best fishing in Mexico? A list of 25 tournaments was published by Pescando en el Caribe, the promoter group of the catch and release of sports fishing in the Mexican Caribbean, to begin to materialize as of April 12 of this year.

The resurgence between the 9th and 10th of August of the so-called International Tournament Copa Bahía Chetumal 2019 stands out, a contest that was previously held only as friends, but now becomes part of the serial of the Mexican Caribbean and with the plus of the internationalization.

The head of Pescando en el Caribe, Gamaliel Ek, revealed that this Chetumal competition, the only one of the calendar to be added this year, seeks to promote the southern zone of Quintana Roo under the responsible application of the capture and release.

Specifically, in this tournament there are two species considered, the shad and the esmedregal, just to preserve this type of specimens that, according to Gamaliel, are preferred by the fisherman.

Ek said that it is intended to attract fishermen not only from other states but from the neighboring country of Belize in a contest that will take place in inland water within the bay.

He said that he already works in coordination with the tourism directorate of Chetumal in an effort that will also involve the Secretariat of Tourism of Quintana Roo and other areas of the State Government.

Francisco Alberto Hernandez Cetina is the organizer of the fair, whose committee will grant a cup that will give identity to the novel raid, regardless of the prize that is won.

Next, the sports fishing agenda for this year.

2019 Sports Fishing Calendar in the Mexican Caribbean

Pedro Joaquín Coldwell

April 12-13


Copa Capitán Ferrat

April 19-21


Founders Riviera Maya

April 26-28


Andrés García Lavín

May 3-5

Puerto Morelos

Governor's Cup

May 3-5


Rodeo Mexican Speedboats

May 10-12


Cosme Alberto Martínez

May 17-19

Isla Mujeres

Prof. Augusto Sosa

May 24-26

Playa del Carmen

Bernardo Alonso

June 9


Silver Dorada

June 7-9


Chuc Kay Tulum

June 14-16


Tournament plus Father

June 17

Playa del Carmen

Mahahual Cup

June 21-23


La Dorada del Caribe

June 28-29

Isla Mujeres

Barracuda 2019

July 5-6

Isla Mujeres

La Diosa del Mar

July 12-13

Puerto Morelos

Nuestra Señora del Carmen

July 14

Playa del Carmen

Punta Allen

July 19-21

Punta Allen

Copa Punta Herrero

July 26-28

Punta Herrero

Copa Bahía Chetumal

August 9-10


Fishing Riberaña

November 10


Wahoo Silver

November 29-December 1


Super Stam (fly fishing mode)

May 1-5

Punta Allen

Fly Fishing Xcalax (fly fishing mode)

July 25-28


Jigging Pioneers (jigging mode)

November 23

Playa del Carmen

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