HBO to launch first suspense and fantasy series in Brazil

HBO Latin America announced a new original Brazilian series, titled 'Os Esquecidos' ('The Forgotten Ones'), the company's first suspense and fantasy production in Brazil. Created by Fábio Mendonça and Antônio Tibau, the series will begin filming in February 2020 on locations in the state of São Paulo.

Over the course of 10 one-hour episodes, the series will tell the story of eight young people who get lost on a trail in the Serra do Mar. In danger and in the middle of the forest, the group finds refuge in a small village that does not appear on maps, hidden under an eternal fog.

Os Esquecidos will be produced by O2 Films, and made entirely with investments from HBO Latin America. Os Esquecidos joins the list of original series by HBO in Brazil, such as Psi, A vida secreta dos Casais, Pico da neblina, Santos Dumont: Mais Leve que o Ar and the announced Hard, O hóspede americano and Todxs nós.

Source: HBO

HBO Latin America unveils new shows for 2020

2020 will be a year full of HBO premieres in Latin America. Mexico City witnessed the channel's presentation of the English and Spanish series that will be available for viewing next year.

HBO Latin America announces 2020 series. Publicity image by HBO
HBO Latin America announces 2020 series. Publicity image by HBO

Gustavo Grossmann, corporate vice president of Networks at HBO Latin America, presented the entire premiere plan that the channel will have: "2020 will be one of the great premieres, but it will also be a year in which we will concentrate even more on subscribers' experiences with the brand, especially in the digital environment.

Names like Nicole Kidman, Jason Bateman, Mark Ruffalo, Hugh Grant, Donald Sutherland, and Hugh Laurie will star in series full of suspense, drama, terror, and comedy.

As for Latin American productions, for the first time, there is a series in Colombia full of suspense and fiction in the middle of the jungle. Brazil will show the life of Rafa, an 18-year-old, pansexual and non-binary genre. We will travel to the gang world of Greater Buenos Aires in the 1990s and live three decades in the Basque Country with two families in the ETA conflict.


The Outsider: Based on Stephen King's book The Visitor and produced and starring Jason Bateman and Ben Mendelsohn, the series explores the investigation into the terrible murder of a child and the mysterious force that surrounds the case. The premiere will be on January 12.

The Undoing: Starring Nicole Kidman and written by David E. Kelly, the series focuses on the life of therapist Grace Sachs (Kidman), who undergoes a sudden turnaround after an unexpected violent death. The cast also includes Hugh Grant and Donald Sutherland.

I know this much is true: Mark Ruffalo plays twins Dominick and Thomas Birdsey. The plot is set in the United States of the twentieth century and follows the life of the brothers, marked by betrayals, sacrifices, and forgiveness.

Avenue 5: A science-fiction comedy set 40 years into the future, starring Hugh Laurie and created by Armando Lannucci.

RUN: A woman seeks to transform herself when she receives a text message inviting her to fulfill an ancient pact, promising true love and reinventing herself.

Perry Mason: With executive production by Robert Downey Jr. and starring Mathew Rhys, the series takes place in Los Angeles in 1932, and focuses on the story of the origin of the famous defense lawyer, Perry Mason, based on characters from Erle Stanley Gardner's novels.


A Thousand Fangs: Directed by Jaime Osorio, the first HBO fiction series produced in Colombia follows the story of an elite commando on a mission deep in the jungle to find and destroy a powerful and mysterious leader.

Homeland: The story takes place over three decades in Euskadi, the Basque Country. Through its protagonists - two families divided by the consequences of terrorism - the series tells us about how ordinary people live in the context of a conflict that, although local, has many elements in common with any confrontation in many parts of the world.

TODXS NOSOTRXS - The central plot of this Brazilian production follows Rafa, an 18-year-old, pansexual and non-binary gender, who decides to leave his life and family inside and move to São Paulo to live with his cousin, Vini. Directed by Vera Egito, the series will address LGBTQIA+ issues and bring issues such as racism and harassment.

Entre Hombres: Set in Buenos Aires in the 1990s, it will show the underworld of crime at a time considered the darkest in the history of the local police, in a setting where social division takes center stage. The plot is based on the cult novel by Germán Maggiori and the cast is headed by Gabriel Goity, Nicolás Furtado, Diego Velázquez, Diego Cremonesi, and Claudio Rissi.


Westworld (third season): The plot created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy returns with new stages and new cast features, such as Aaron Paul and Lena Waithe.

Insecure (fourth season): Critically acclaimed, this series returns for its fourth season. Starring Emmy® and Golden Globe®nominated actress Issa Rae, the comedy follows the new challenges of friends Issa and Molly, who face their shortcomings as they travel through different worlds and deal with everyday experiences.

Chumel con Chumel Torres (fifth season): The most incisive political analysis and opinion program on Latin American television will return in 2020. With his particular style, Chumel will continue to present controversial issues about political and social developments in Mexico and all of Latin America.

My Brilliant Friend (second season): HBO returns to Italy to follow the story of friends Elena and Lila, in a new plot based on the second book of the successful quadrilogy of writer Elena Ferrante.

High maintenance (fourth season): The comedy reaches its fourth year accompanying the adventures of "The Guy".

Curb your enthusiasm (tenth season): Larry David, one of the directors of 'Seinfeld', plays an exaggerated and funny version of himself in this series that reaches its tenth year.

There's no doubt that 2020 for HBO will be full of the first-rate series. But not just the series, some of the movie premieres that will be released will make you want to be hooked in front of the TV. Some of these films are "Joker", "It 2", "Jumanji: in the jungle" and "Men in Black International".

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