This is how to become a responsible consumer

Do you wish to become a responsible consumer? Adjust these habits to your needs and take care of your economy. Now, let's take a look at how.

This is how to become a responsible consumer
Good habits for responsible consumption. Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris / Unsplash

The current era serves us to learn from each other and leaves us with good lessons, such as being more responsible about what and how we consume. Let's take a look at the habits of responsible consumption

Make a budget and record your expenses

This way you will be clear about how much you have and how you want to manage your money. Write down your expenses from the most important to the most superfluous, so you can cut from the bottom up.

Stick to a certain amount

Always carry in your purse or wallet a previously designated amount of money at the beginning of the day, so you will not fall into temptations.


Allocate a minimum monthly amount of your income to savings as a top priority.

Do not buy on impulse

Buy only what you need and stick to your budget.


Compare prices, payment alternatives, and quality.

Use credit responsibly

Use it only if you need it.
A credit card is not extra money, it is a financial instrument that includes a fee for using it (interest).
The monthly payments may seem small but added together they represent a significant amount.
Meet your payments on the agreed date and avoid paying interest.

Involve your family

Speak clearly about your family's financial situation to involve your children in the importance of having healthy finances. Don't think that because they are small they can't understand. Teach them how to make correct use of money, that they should spend less than they earn, how to organize their money and how to compare prices.

What does it mean to be a Smart Consumer?

Conscious Consumption

When you are aware of your power, of your rights and obligations, that you know what you need and assume the consequences of your way of consuming.

Informed Consumption

When you compare quality and price, you think about investing before spending, you value that your consumption choices satisfy your real needs and the benefits they will bring to your life, your family, and your community.

Critical Consumption

You are critical of advertising and fashion, you choose and keep what you need and like.

Healthy Consumption

You eat a balanced diet and read the labels of processed foods before purchasing them.

Sustainable Consumption

You reduce the effects of your consumption on the environment by choosing ecological products, saving energy and water, separating garbage, trying to use your car less, and using products before throwing them away.

Solidarity Consumption

You consider the effects of your consumption on others and prefer products that are made by your company or from socially responsible suppliers, with fair labor policies and clean production processes.

Active Consumption

You join forces with others and organize with them to defend their rights, demand quality, and form alliances to achieve more equitable consumer relations.

Responsible consumption is immediately reflected in your finances. Remember, making a more sustainable and supportive, ethical, ecological, environmentally friendly, healthy, critical, altruistic and quality consumption will make us more aware of ourselves and others.