Planning is essential to have a good experience, especially if we talk about some restaurants that offer a very select menu and today you will find some innovative options that stand out for the creativity and talent of their chefs in Guadalajara, Jalisco.


Allium, Cocina de Huerto is a proposal restaurant in Guadalajara whose focus lies in the creation of simple dishes but with the highest quality. Here no one gets complicated. The key is in the ingredients, which arrive every day from local producers, or from its rooftop, where there is an orchard and a greenhouse that rethinks the term "fresh" in the kitchen.

Teté Cocina de Barrio

Teté Cocina de Barrio is a space located in the Moderna neighborhood, characterized by offering traditional neighborhood cuisine reinvented from the creativity of the chef and that added to its top-quality ingredients form a sublime but ineffable menu because it changes every month according to the products available at the time.


Xokol (Náhuatl for "pinto corn") is an ode to Mexico's primordial food: corn. Here tradition becomes modernity and the use of this gift of the earth becomes an experience that opens when we are welcomed with a tortilla with salt and a glass of water, followed by a menu that shows pre-Hispanic flavors and combinations that you will not find anywhere else. This restaurant is led by Oscar Segundo and Cynthia Ruelas, two young chefs who have managed to be finalists in the S.Pellegrino Young Chef competition (in 2018 and 2020 respectively) and who imprint their creativity and passion in every dish.


This space is suitable for both food lovers and those who enjoy unparalleled architecture. In the heart of Colonia Americana, Tikuun opens its doors in a beautiful house whose menu presents a mixture of flavors with dishes from different regions of Mexico, but with a unique touch.


From the creators of Hueso, another of the most popular spaces in the city. In 2020, its incredible design was recognized as the Best Design in America in Restaurant & Bar Design. Veneno is a proposal restaurant in Guadalajara that, in this case, is ideal to have a few drinks while enjoying a menu that sends the dishes to the center and allows you to savor a spectacular pairing. An ideal proposal for a night full of flavor and fun.

Hopefully, this has whetted your appetite a little, and that your next trip to the city will be planned with a visit to one of these restaurants in mind. The flavors of Guadalajara will not disappoint you.

With information from Informador