Guadalajara plagued by tuberculosis

Guadalajara ranks first in the number of tuberculosis cases detected, reported the State Health Secretariat (SSJ).

Stock photo, vaccination of tuberculin
Stock photo, vaccination of tuberculin

The unit reported that from January to June 722 cases of tuberculosis have been detected in all forms and locations, of which, 468 are pulmonary localization, 85 lymph node localization, 169 correspond to other forms and locations.

In the Perla Tapatia, there were registered 203 cases, followed by Zapopan with 124, Puerto Vallarta with 97 and Tlaquepaque with 90.

Among the four municipalities, 71% of the total cases are added.SSJ noted that an average of 1,200 Jaliscians get sick each year.

It is the patients with diabetes mellitus, HIV, and malnutrition who are most vulnerable to contracting the disease which was discovered in 1882 by Roberto Koch.