Mosquito infestation at the Guadalajara Airport

Eleazar Ruiz listened to the recommendation of his relatives who arrived from California to Guadalajara one day before him. Bring a mosquito repellent. The man sprayed his arms on the side of his suitcases and sprayed his companion's arms with the spray that cost him $13.

Mosquito infestation at the Guadalajara Airport. Image: Pixabay
Mosquito infestation at the Guadalajara Airport. Image: Pixabay

"There is a mosquito infestation at the airport, my relatives told me that last night was very bad, you get used to them but it's scary to get infected with a virus," he said.

He also said he had never seen a similar phenomenon in the airports he has visited in other parts of the world, such as Bolivia.

A user traveling from Chihuahua also reported that when he picked up his suitcase he did notice the presence of insects. Another said she saw them in the bathrooms.

During a tour, the Informador media also noted the presence of these insects in the area of national arrivals.

A worker at the airport, who assists people with disabilities, said that for the past 22 days she has been working, she has seen the mosquitoes every day, "there are everywhere," she said.

Taxi drivers from the airport joked and commented that the flies "already belong to the family. They also said that it is in the morning when they see them the most.

Dr. Maria Isabel Higuera Torre, head of the department of Zoonosis Vectors of the Ministry of Health, said that the presence of these insects is recurrent at the airport and that it worsens with the storm of rain.

She also reported that the mosquito that bothers users at the airport is not the species Aedes Aegypti, which transmits the dengue virus and zika, but Culex, which transmits diseases that are not found in Mexico or America.

The official explained that the airport is surrounded by canals in which there may be aquatic weeds, which favors the growth of mosquitoes, these reproduce in contaminated water.

Combating mosquitoes at the Guadalajara Airport

A work plan has been established between the Aeroportuario del Pacífico Group, the municipalities of El Salto and Tlajomulco and the Secretariat, to mitigate the presence of these insects and that next week actions will be announced.

"It is the prevention of proliferation, the dissemination inside the airport and work is being done around the airports by the municipalities."

To prevent mosquito bites, the doctor recommended the use of light clothing, long-sleeved shirts, and repellent.

Source: Informador

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