The graphics work of the Spanish artist Salvador Dalí, considered one of the greatest exponents of surrealism, was put on sale tonight on Thursday, after having exhibited at the Morton Subastas facilities in Mexico City. The painter, sculptor, scenographer, and writer is one of the few artists whose work is recognized by millions of art enthusiasts, as well as expert collectors, emerging worldwide since its iconic scenes contain symbolic elements that have become emblematic.

During the special auction entitled "An approach to the graphic work of Salvador Dalí", the public could have an approach to the obsessions, fears, and fantasies of the creator. These characteristics made him stand out as one of the greatest exponents of surrealism, Diana Álvarez Mejía, the specialist in graphics work at Morton Subastas, said in an interview with Notimex.

In the bid, 63 lots of the artist's stamps were sold, divided into five sections, of which one can also observe the desire and passions of Dalí. The catalog included details of his work, his influences, and some curious facts, such as that he had more than 600 different signatures, according to his mood, and his creative stage, which has made him desired by collectors.

There are works by him that speak of literature, based on "Don Quixote"; in "The Divine Comedy", also based on the symbolism of the unconscious, because he was influenced by Sigmund Freud; then he has a lot of autobiographical charge of the artist. "It was exhibited in our facilities; all were revised, there is a catalog in which each one of the lots that it is representing is explained, its circulation if they are catalogued, in which workshop it was printed, among other things ", she declared.

Álvarez affirmed that in general, all the works are a guarantee since Dalí is very consolidated in the history of art and considered that each piece has a special touch and characteristic of the Spanish creator. "The auction was very moved, it makes perfect sense because Salvador Dalí is an artist who will always be for sale, in very good status in the market, because he is an artist who is very consolidated, inscribed in the history of the art, "she indicated.

The pieces, which were offered from eight thousand pesos, were obtained from a private collection, which was studied from last year to ensure that they are authentic works, so it took a long cataloguing process. "The pieces have to be investigated a lot, we as an auction house have to guarantee the buyer that he is acquiring a work that is really worthwhile and that is not going to be false, then all the works are reviewed and a research process is carried out. artist, as of the work itself, "she concluded.