Google's satellite falling apart and falls in Morelos a few meters from the road

A strange object that appears to be a Google satellite, fell to pieces in Morelos, very close to the road, catching the attention of motorists who passed through the place.

Last Sunday, February 3, a strange object fell from the sky in pieces falling in a field of Morelos, in the limits of the municipalities of Jonacatepec and Tepalcingo.

What happened, was reported to the municipal authorities on the part of the settlers, who were encouraged to take several photographs and videos of the strange object that appeared to be a satellite.

Subsequently, the local authorities gave notice to the Federal Police and Police of Morelos.

Due to its large size, it could be seen from a distance, which caused motorists who were crouching on the Siglo XXI highway, stopped to see what appears to be a Google satellite.

So far, the causes of the fall are unknown.

Is it a satellite belonging to Google?

It is a stratospheric balloon to bring internet to rural communities, which made a controlled descent after completing a test flight.

According to the Federal authorities, in the place, they found an instructive that explains what it is: Although it is not a satellite that belongs to Google, it is "Loon Project", experimental plan that is being developed by the company that has developed the number one search engine in the world, this, to bring internet to rural and remote areas, using high altitude helium balloons, located in the stratosphere.