In the black-and-white image used to illustrate the February issue of Quién magazine, Gael looked smiling as he hugged Fernanda from behind, who appeared holding the actor's hands while bowing her head a little.

"Fernanda Aragonés and Gael García head our couples' special," reads the cover of the publication. "It's a fact that this couple is almost never seen, so our cover is their first official picture together," was commented in the presentation of the issue.

Just in February 2019 Fernanda, a writer, and Gael García were seen very affectionately during their presence at Zona Maco, the contemporary art fair that is organized in Mexico City every year. On that occasion Hola! magazine caught the actor kissing Fernanda and said Gael was "complicit and affectionate in a romantic scene.

Although they were caught in a romantic moment, neither Gael nor Fernanda agreed to talk to the media about their affair and did not pose together. And at the Cannes Film Festival, they appeared together again, as Fernanda accompanied Gael to the presentation of his film Chicuarotes.

It was then that the actor made the relationship official by dedicating a message to Aragonés: "Thanks to my girlfriend Fernanda, who is around, who helped me with the film and for everything", he said to the audience gathered for the screening of the film. The Mexican actor had romances with Natalie Portman and Argentinean actress Dolores Fonzi, the mother of his two children.

Who is Fernanda Aragonés?

Gael García Bernal's current girlfriend is known to be the daughter of architect Miguel Ángel Aragonés, who was behind Angélica Rivera's controversial White House. The writer calls herself "Fiera" and had a blog called Fieralicious. Besides poems, she writes art and culture for Elle magazine.

She was married to Alex Esparza, father of her only daughter, Emilia, and was also engaged, in 2013, to Alejandro del Villar. Since last December she has not published anything new on her Instagram account, where she usually shares reflections, images related to the world of art, and also some photos of her daily life.

At the beginning of October, she posed with Gael in the background of a group of friends and wrote: "Now, happy birthday. Thank you", together with some heartfelt emoticons. She also shared the cover of a magazine in which the Mexican actor was the protagonist; however, so far there have been few mentions of the writer related to her romance with Gael.

Gael has not made many references to her current romance through her social networks either, as she tends to be reserved about everything to do with her love life. In August 2014 it was revealed that he had broken up with Dolores Fonzi, the mother of his children and whom he met in 2001.

"Decisions are made and so they are. We support each other as always. We have to support each other, we have to take care of each other, we have to be close. Sometimes things work or don't work, but you have to get close. You have to be loving, good," said Patricia Bernal, Gael's mother, about the separation.

Gael García against AMLO

Great dismay has been caused by the assassination of the Le Barón Family, a regrettable massacre that took place on Monday in the borders of the states of Sonora and Chihuahua. On Twitter Gael García Bernal expressed his feelings, because once again a bloody event marks Mexico.

Mexican filmmaker Gael García Bernal
Although Mexican filmmaker Gael García Bernal supported Andrés Manuel López Obrador's presidential campaign, today he sends a strong message. Photo: Variety

"It makes you want to close the country every now and then, how sad. Every femicide, every murder, every injustice against children and old people. Terrible what happened yesterday, what happens every day, damn it. What sadness," Gael García wrote in a first tuit.

The actor and film producer questioned why they voted for Andrés Manuel López Obrador if all these unfortunate events continued in our country. "It is better that you assume your responsibility completely and do the impossible so that this does not happen again. Let it become your mantra and your goal," Gael Garcia said in a second post on his Twitter account.

Several users of the aforementioned social network criticized the filmmaker since he was one of the people who supported AMLO's presidential campaign. "Shall we vote? No, sir, I do think and analyze, I do love my family and my country. They voted foolishly, ignorantly, blindly. Those are the ones who provoked all this. Demand now, don't just point worried at your useless monkey. Congratulations, you all blew up the country.