Mexican Germán Silva, New York Marathon champion in 1994 and 1995, will run 5,410 kilometers from Tijuana to Cancún, starting on November 2 until February 2022. Silva, 53 years old, was sixth in the 10,000 meters in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games and in the marathon in the 1996 Atlanta Games. After his retirement, he has remained active with participation in 42 kilometers 195 meters, and ultramarathon races.

Recognized for his great closing and his mentality, the runner was one of the heads of the generation of Mexican marathoners who obtained relevant international triumphs at the end of the last century, which included, among others, Dionicio Cerón, triple champion in the London marathon, and Andrés Espinosa, Salvador García and Adriana Fernández, winners in New York.

Germán Silva
Germán Silva. Photo: Agencies

"As a high-performance marathon runner we ran between 35 and 40 kilometers a day in two sessions, it was about 270 kilometers a week, and the body has memory. If he is training for his challenge, he is going to make it," said Fernandez referring to his former teammate. The Mexican will complete 108 stages with about 50 kilometers a day through 19 states of Mexico, a demanding challenge at his age for which he is prepared, as demonstrated in recent years.

"The mentality he had as an athlete when he trained under my supervision, will carry him through and I'm sure he can do it," said coach Rodolfo Gómez, the long-distance runner's guide for most of his career. During his run, Silva will use 24 changes of clothes and some 26 pairs of tennis shoes, according to the athlete, runner-up in the Half Marathon in Oslo 1994.