Foreigners look for a more traditional Mazatlan


Among visitors from other countries, some have returned to this port frequently due to the friendliness of the people and the climate

Foreign visitors seek to have an experience away from hotels and the tourist area, according to Tony and Deb, two retirees from Idaho, United States, who are coming to Mazatlan for the first time.

They explained that among their expectations is to know the culture of the city, the typical meals and not only have attractions within the resorts and group tours since he pointed out that in this way the city that is visited is not really known.

They explained that they would like to have information on where to find small nearby towns and places of cultural value within the port.

On a tour of the hotel zone, Bob and Sandra were interviewed, Canadian retirees, originally from Vancouver, who are visiting Mazatlan for the first time. The couple agreed to be fascinated by the friendliness of the citizens and the pleasant weather.

However, they would like to have more information about the routes of buses, since they were on Gaviotas Avenue waiting for urban transport, however, buses do not pass through that street.

Regular visitors

Marta Geist, from Alberta, Canada, has visited Mazatlán since 1988. She mentioned that there have been many positive changes in the city and the roads since she travels by land.

She added that she would not change anything about the city and its people since she likes Mazatlan the way it is. The reason why she returns to the port is the friends she has made over the years, as well as the weather, which she describes as perfect. Her stay covers from November to April.

Ron Jessop is on his fifth visit to this port. The native of the city of Vancouver, Canada, added that the main reason for returning is the beach and its landscape.

He mentioned that this is compounded by the weather, since he has been escaping the frigid temperatures that are currently experienced in his hometown, and that he can remain hours on the beach.

He pointed out that the city has improved a lot since he started coming here.

Source: Debate

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