VIDEO: Spain's ascent match ends with field fight


The match between Peña Rociera and Villafranco in the semi-finals of the Primera División Andaluza ended with a terrible pitched fight between players and fans against elements of the National Police, leaving a prisoner as a result.

The events happened Andalusian municipality of Coria del Rio and according to police reports, the conflict originated within the field of play when the players celebrated a goal on the hour in favor of Peña Rociera. Amateurs and players considered the celebration as a provocation and attacked the players generating a massive fight.

Faced with the unfortunate events, at least 20 members of the National Police and other elements of private security of the property had to intervene to suppress the attacks, reported the arrest of a man who has a criminal record. However, the violence also reached the stands, where several fights were recorded.

The match ended 1-1, however, Peña Rociera advanced to the final match for his position in the table and won the right to compete for a place in the División de Honor, his rival will be Unión Deportiva Tomares and faces will be seen next Saturday, June 1st.

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