Five things to do in Mexico City without compromising your pocket

Five things to do in Mexico City without compromising your pocket
Five things to do in Mexico City without compromising your pocket

Tradition and modernity are what you will find in Mexico City on vacation, either as a couple or alone, but without compromising your pocket. One way to take advantage of it without risking the economy of your pocket is to enjoy the city, so you do not have to spend money on extra transfers and accommodations that were not contemplated in advance.


Anthropological Museum, Mexico City

With more than 170 venues, Mexico City is one of the cities with the largest number of museums in the world. There are for all tastes, from those who keep great works of art and history, to science, popular culture and for children. The best thing is that some do not charge the entrance or have discounts to students and seniors.


Mexico City vegan street food

If you have already budgeted a quantity for food, take advantage of it and turn it into a culinary experience. There is a great variety of places where you can taste dishes from all over the country, as well as international cuisine. From street food, through the markets and even the most exclusive restaurants. Everything adapted to your palate and your pocket.

Archaeological zones

the old & the new

Have you visited Teotihuacán? This could be your opportunity to visit what was once one of the most important cities in Mesoamerica. But, if you want to stay within the periphery, you will always have options such as the Templo Mayor, the Site Museum in the basement of the Cultural Center of Spain, as well as buildings in Tlatelolco or Cuicuilco. Until the subway station Pino Suarez that has an Adoratory to Ehécatl, the god of the wind.

Walking tours

Mexico City Coyoacan walking tour - Charlie on Travel 4

The best way to discover the secrets of a city is to walk it. The walking tours give you the chance to learn a little history while walking through the streets of the capital. This offer has as many tours of private initiatives as of public organizations, the advantage is that some of them are free and you only give voluntary cooperation.

Turibus of the city


With 4 circuits that reach different areas of the metropolis, as well as more than a dozen themed tours, the Turibús allows you to take advantage of the days to get to know and rediscover emblematic and unique places. This option offers you a panoramic view of buildings and monuments, as well as an audio guide that will undoubtedly provide you with many interesting facts about the city.

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