5 Mexican films soon to be released in theaters


Five Mexican comedies and dramas are about to premiere on the big screen, a sign that the national industry is keeping pace.

Como novio de pueblo (As a village boyfriend)

Mexican Remake of Primos (2011), by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo. After being planted on the day of his wedding, Diego (José María de Tavira) is devastated and goes from living the best day of his life to having the worst moment of his existence. His cousins, Julián (Martín Altomaro) and Miguel (Ricardo Polanco), will not allow Diego to fall and take him on a trip to forget and have fun in Puerto Vallarta, the beach where their best teenage summers lived together. There Diego will be reunited with Martina (Regina Blandón), his first love. More than a journey of forgetting, this adventure will become a reunion with the past, lost friendship and the confrontation of some fears.

Premiere: March 15.

En las buenas y en las malas (In good and bad)

Sebastián and Valeria have been together for three years and a seemingly stable and happy relationship. Valeria becomes pregnant and Sebastian proposes marriage. For a time everything seems perfect, but as the wedding date approaches everything is complicated, due to Pamela, a young woman who works with Sebastian, and who is determined to seduce him. Cast: Alberto Guerra, Zuria Vega, Natalia Téllez and Christian Chávez.

Premiere: March 15.

Las niñas bien (Good girls)

Cassandra Ciangherotti, Paulina Gaitán, Johanna Murillo, Flavio Medina and Ilse star in the film. It is 1982 and a great economic crisis is hitting Mexico. The elegant, charming and perfect Sofia, leader of the group of friends of the tennis club, faces the unimaginable: her social fall. Sofia will try to keep up appearances, but her collapse, besides being inevitable, will reveal what is lost when money is lost.

Premiere: March 22.

Cómprame un revolver (Buy me a gun)

In a timeless MEXICO, a girl dressed in a strange way to hide her gender wears a Hulk mask and helps her tormented father look after an abandoned baseball field where drug dealers play. With Ángel Leonel Corral, Fabiana Hernández, Matilde Hernández, Jhoan Martinez, Wallace Pereyda, Sostenes Rojas, Oswaldo Sanchez, Mariano Sosa Rogelio Sosa, Ángel Rafael Yanez

Premiere: April 12.

No manches Frida 2 (Do not stain Frida 2)

In the continuation of the film "No manches Frida", the star cast of the original (Omar Chaparro and Martha Higareda) and some new characters (Itatí Cantoral and Aarón Díaz) come back loaded with more rebelliousness and jokes, although this time they leave the patio of the school and they go to the beach. But there are problems in paradise. Zequi (Omar Chaparro), the apparently reformed ex-convict, is about to marry the love of his life, the adorable and intelligent Lucy (Martha Higareda), but the nerves of the day turn into a total disaster and Lucy cancels the wedding. Meanwhile, the school goes to the beach to compete in a very important tournament.

When they arrive at the paradisiacal port, Lucy meets her high school boyfriend, Mario (AaronDíaz), who became a tremendous gallant and is the coach of the rival team and Zequi will have to face his biggest competition. Now, he must do everything in his power to control his rebellious students, to conquer Lucy again and, as if that were not enough, to make the Frida Kahlo Institute succeed in order to prevent the school from closing down.

Premiere: April 12.

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