First class business travel: what it's like to fly first class?


A business trip is always a pleasant experience, a pleasure, and not only in the case of leisure travel. Occasionally, business travel allows us to live 'first rate' experiences, as is the case with first class travel.

First and business class travel. Photo: Diners Club
First and business class travel. Photo: Diners Club

Yes, some companies include this type of ticket in their corporate travel policies, according to the type of trip, according to the position occupied by the traveller... And if this is not the case with your company, there is still hope! It is possible that, on occasion, there will be no tourist class seats left.

So, if you have the possibility, keep reading! Be informed of what it will be like to live that experience 'first hand'.

What it's like to fly first class

First-class travel is an experience, both for those who don't do it regularly and for those who are experiencing it for the first time. Probably during the journey you will ask yourself the typical 'how much will be left?' question, but in the opposite direction. As we said at the beginning... although it is not a leisure trip, it is surely 'a pleasure trip'.

You will receive personal attention at all times, yes, like a Very Important Person. From minute one. You will avoid queues at check-in. And what you have to wait for, will be a sweet (or salty) wait, depending on what you want to taste in the VIP lounge of your airline at the airport.

When it comes to boarding, you have priority. And you'll be driven with all the attention to your seat, where you'll be able to take that little nap at your leisure. Yes, you will enjoy extra space in the seats and, in some cases, these are even made into beds. In addition, some aircraft designed for first-class passengers are equipped with private suites.

A suite that, not only you will be able to enjoy all its comforts, but that will provide you a space of privacy with respect to the rest of passengers. The ideal space not only to rest, but also to review the mail, the agenda ... or to prepare the next meeting. With business travellers in mind, the suites of some airlines such as Saudia Airlines have a large desk that can perfectly serve as an office. And with WiFi!

What are you hungry for? Ask through that mouth! You will have at your disposal menus worthy of recognized culinary prizes. Some airlines have a crew of chefs dedicated exclusively to first-class passengers. Such is the case of companies such as Etihad Airways, which offers these passengers a menu of up to seven times.

You've already rested and eaten (luxury!), but there are still a few hours left on the flight. In first class, those hours are no time for boredom. A multitude of entertainment formulas are at your disposal. Music, movies, TV shows, games or apps you can enjoy on a screen just for you, in your own seat.

And then it's time to think about the long-awaited shower we'll take when we get to the hotel. Why wait? Companies such as Emirates offer the possibility of enjoying a relaxing spa shower in their A380, being able to tone the skin with luxury brand products.

And after the relaxing spa, why not have a drink? Some airlines have a lobby where you can enjoy an appetizing cocktail and chat with other passengers. Others offer a minibar exclusively for the traveller.

A dream trip, right? If you haven't had the experience yet, keep it with patience! Surely sooner or later, your business trips give you the opportunity. There is always a 'first' time for everything.

By Mexicanist