How to find the grill that best suits your needs

Learn about features and advantages before purchasing a grill. Check out the grill that best suits your needs.

How to find the grill that best suits your needs
Choose the grill that best suits your needs. Photo by Nicholas Peloso / Unsplash

Although traditional stoves have adopted increasingly modern designs, grills with one, two, or more burners provide a more avant-garde and even minimalist look for some homes. How to choose a grill? If you are someone who can do without an oven, you may want to get an electric grill. Here are the features, types, and costs. Before choosing one, consider the following.

Types of burners

The burners are the essential elements, they can be of glass-ceramic, which generates heat by electrical resistances located under the glass, or of induction, which generates a magnetic field that heats the container but not the glass surface.


There are small models with one or six burners. The size will depend on the uses and how many members are in the family.

Number of burners

When using the different burners, the size of the base of the pots, pans or pans to be used for cooking should be taken into account and the burner should cover these bases as much as possible.


One and two-burner grills are a good choice for transporting or placing in small spaces.

Choose the location

Select the site and consider the electrical installation (as required).

Consider that you will not be able to use the electric grills if the power goes out.

Recommendations when choosing a grill

Make an analysis

When buying any appliance you should analyze it in-depth, take stock of its advantages and disadvantages, and visualize how it will fit into your daily life, making it easier and more comfortable.

Be sure of the size

Check the size of the cooking utensils you usually use to heat your food and match them to the size of the burners of the product you select.

Check the warranty

Verify the coverage and validity (if any) and make sure there is a service center near you.

Read the manual

Before installation and use, carefully read the entire user manual.

Keep it clean

Take care of your grill by wiping off any liquid or food that has spilled on the burners. Wait until the appliance has cooled and clean each burner component with a sponge, soap, and water.

Check the plugs

Make sure the outlets are in good condition to avoid malfunctions. Consider connecting a surge protector if you live in an area with constant power failures.

Cover the food

If the preparation of the dish allows it, use utensils with lids for cooking, this will prevent splattering on your grill deck and cooking will be much faster and more efficient.

Do not forget

The Federal Consumer Protection Law specifies that the supplier is obliged to provide you with an invoice, receipt, or voucher stating the specific details of the sale. If they charge you unduly, do not respect your agreement, or deny you the service, write a complaint to authorities. Report misleading advertising.