Films that triumphed in Hollywood and were filmed in Mexico


Mexico, surrounded by its great culture and incredible architectural sites to undertake new adventures has also been the scene of different Hollywood films. Did you know what they are?

Many Hollywood tapes were recorded in some places in Mexico and you probably didn't know.
Many Hollywood tapes were recorded in some places in Mexico and you probably didn't know.


Yes, you read well; the iconic 'Titanic' movie was recorded on Mexican beaches, with accuracy in 'Rosarito', Baja California.

And is that due to the proximity of this beach with the United States was planned a project to create a kind of Hollywood within Mexican territories; everything was working as planned, because after 'Titanic' the economy and tourism grew due to the film's fame.

However, crime also increased, thus distancing entrepreneurs who had put their expectations on the famous project and also the thousands of foreigners who visited this place.

The man on fire

Surely this film is the most evident that was recorded inside Mexico City, because all those who saw it know that the streets of the beloved metropolis are portrayed.

The 2004 film tells the story of a family that seeks to protect their daughter Lupita Ramos (Dakota Fanning) from a series of kidnappings that take place within the City, so they hire John Creasy, a bodyguard (Denzel Washington).

Both characters create an exceptional friendship, despite the different personality that the two have; In the film you can see emblematic places in Mexico such as: Condesa, Reforma and even Colonia Roma.


The film based on the book 'La iliada' by Homero is also the star of the list, since it was recorded on Mexican beaches.

It was filmed nothing more and nothing less than in Los Cabos, Baja California, unfortunately in 2003 it was the hurricane 'Marty' and devastated with a part of the scenography that was already contemplated for the recording.

It took about a month to rebuild everything that the hurricane destroyed in its path, however, the filming continued.

All the tourists and inhabitants of Los Cabos kept an eye on everything that happened inside the filming, as it was very entertaining and interesting to observe how it was done.


This American film aims to portray the Mayan culture in 1510, the director Mel Gibson chose Mexico to give truth to the story.

It was filmed in the state of Veracruz, within the region known as 'Los Tuxtlas' which has a mountainous area with green landscapes that are very attractive and gave great depth to the film.

Rambo II

But the tapes of yesteryear also enter this top, because the film of 'Rambo II' was filmed in Acapulco and in Tecoanapa, Guerrero.

The funny thing is that for the fifth film of Rambo (which will be released this year) is expected not to be filmed in Mexico, although the story takes place on the border of our country.

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