Festival & Summit Tajín, music, and art of Totonacapan

The Tajín Summit spreads, preserves, and strengthens the Totonac legacy that has become a cultural heritage of humanity.

Festival & Summit Tajín, music, and art of Totonacapan
Archaeological zone El Tajín in Mexico. Image: INAH

Cumbre Tajín 2019 is known for being a great music festival, but beyond this is a place where you can live and enjoy the art of Totonacapan. The Tajín Summit spreads, preserves, and strengthens the Totonac legacy that has become a cultural heritage of humanity. This is how from March 20 to 24, this festival will welcome you at the beginning of spring, taking as a framework ceremonial buildings and a town that is proud of its rituals and its pre-Hispanic ancestors.

The party atmosphere is already beginning to be felt in Tajín, where the Takilhsukut Park or better known as the Center for the Indigenous Arts is located, a place that is divided into different houses in which you can learn art, culture, language, and even the medicine of the Totonacs. The vast cultural and artistic offer of the Tajín Summit Festival includes the work of the Center for Indigenous Arts and the Ritual ceremony of the Papantla Flyers. The Totonacapan Veracruzano is pride, identity, and Mexican grandeur. Here nature, culture, and traditions are mixed with modern life, so the festival is a clear example of that. This park is the perfect place to get a little deeper into our Mexico, to learn about Totonacapan's smoke cooking, its language, its traditions, and its dances.

Among the houses that you should not miss during the days of the event is the House of grandparents, with whom you can approach to ask for advice. The 12 grandparents of the Totonacapan are in charge of preserving and transmitting the values of this culture. Also visit the Cotton House, where the tradition of spinning and working with the waist loom is transmitted. In this place, you can see young women and girls working on cleaning cotton, spinning, and weaving. The House of the word is another attraction that you can not miss because in this place you will discover the Totonac language, as spelling they say and between games of skill, songs and other exercises you will learn to pronounce some words. Another house that is worth visiting is the House of Healing, go to give yourself a clean to enjoy a massage or take a tour of its garden of medicinal plants and know more about herbal medicine.

The music that will be presented at Cumbre Tajín is wide and diverse and represents the multiple identities that give meaning to the multiculturalism in which we live today. So you can enjoy sounds, huapangos, electronic music, rock, and even trova. During the days of the event, artists such as La Maldita Vecindad, Molotov, Minuscule Division, Amandititita, Ely Guerra, Little Jesus, Canal de Timbiquí, Mocambo Quintet, Pancho Amat and his Cabildo del Son, Alyosha Barreiro, Eugenia León, Pablo Milanés, will perform. among other artists.