High concentration of fecal bacteria on 5 beaches in Acapulco

The port of Acapulco received bad news in the middle of summer vacations that could affect the tourist activity in the locality after the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) discovered the presence of a bacterium in its beaches.

The Cofepris recommended to the visitors not to swim in these 5 beaches of Acapulco. Image: Youtube
The Cofepris recommended to the visitors not to swim in these 5 beaches of Acapulco. Image: Youtube

The agency under the federal Health Secretariat announced in a statement that five beaches in Acapulco exceeded the concentration of enterococcal bacteria recommended, so it does not recommend visitors swim in them.

"The beaches Caletilla, Hornos, Suave, Carabalí, and Manzanillo, in Acapulco, Guerrero, have exceeded the limit allowed by the Cofepris based on the World Health Organization (WHO) of 200 NPM/100mL of enterococci, so they are considered beaches not suitable for recreational use.

This, after the Cofepris coordinated with health authorities in different states of the Republic to collect seawater samples in weeks prior to the start of the current holiday period in order to obtain the geometric mean and generate a statistical value that allows indicating whether or not a beach represents a health risk.

Local authorities do not pronounce on the presence of fecal bacteria on beaches in Acapulco.

Cofepris said it conducted laboratory tests with seawater from 373 beaches in 17 coastal states of the country, including major tourist destinations. In total, it was determined that 268 of the beaches are suitable to receive visitors, being the five Acapulqueñas the only ones that did not receive the approval.

In the statement, the agency stresses the importance of monitoring water quality on Mexican beaches to ensure the health of its users and the great importance of tourism in Mexico.

It also called on all vacationers to collaborate to maintain the cleanliness of national beaches during the holiday season, as this work is everyone's responsibility.

Until now, no state authority or the municipality of Acapulco had pronounced on the recommendation of the Cofepris, while the high season continues and tourists continue to arrive at this popular destination.

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