February 15: Day of the Bachelors in Mexico, why is it celebrated? today?

Although Mexico City and Monterrey are some of the best cities to find love, according to the latest report from the Swedish company Movinga, more than 40% of Mexicans are single, as the National Institute of Statistics and Geography has shown ( Inegi). Perhaps this is the reason why today, February 15, Mexico celebrates its own Day of the Singles.

Day of the Bachelors in Mexico
Day of the Bachelors in Mexico

Every time there are more single Mexicans despite the attractiveness and the facilities that social networks suppose to find love. According to the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the reason is that more and more young women are contributing money in the family, helping their closest relatives and wanting to avoid bad experiences as a couple.

As a result, divorces have increased by 136.4% in the country and marriages have decreased by 21.4%, according to the Inegi. However, not everything is negative. There are many studies that talk about the benefits of being single: from a marked improvement in the state of health as a result of the reduction of stress, the quality of sleep or eating healthy and exercise more, to a better performance at work, where a superior productivity has been demonstrated, a factor conditioned to your own sentimental situation.

For this reason, all Mexicans who do not have a stable partner celebrate today the Day of the Singles to break the dogma of a couple being happier as opposed to the affectionate Valentine's Day celebrated yesterday, February 14. Of course, singles are not willing to close their doors to love.

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